For Huffington Post readers who don’t know what’s the point of Twitter


OK, so first of all, I did not mean to publicly correct this Huffington Post writer on my blog. I was just reading Peter Schwartz new blogpost called Microblogging with Shitter – I mean Twitter. I felt that he totally didn’t get the true value of Twitter, so I decided to make a long comment on his post. When I was posting, it told me I could only comment for 250 words. That’s why I was forced to make it a blogpost instead.

This post is directly in response to Peter Schwartz (like @ Messaging in a non-microblogging way)

OK. Let me address your post as best as I can to someone who has only seen the exterior of Twitter and not the true usage and value of it. Your bashing is vulgar, unfair, and mostly illogical, and I would like to point out why.

1) Twitter Journalism is possible

I know you feel that Twitter Journalism is ridiculous, but I think it’s because you are simply talking about using one tweet to describe everything. There are people who Tweet about their new experiences from moment to moment. People write stories through an aggregate of Tweets (and others DO read it). There’s also been surgeons who Tweet about their surgery operations while doing it. Now I won’t argue about the moral implications of that, but it at least proves that Twitter has at least some Journalism applications.

2) Just because something else can do it too doesn’t mean it’s not useful

I think your logic is not correct when you said Texting and Cellphone Cameras can also report headline news on the spot. First of all, saying “something else can do this too” by no means discredits the quality of the service in mind. When cellphone cameras came out, would you also say, “Normal cameras can do this too, so it’s a piece of crap” if you were not randomly biased against cellphone cameras? Probably not. Also, I can tell you that Twitter reports these news much better and faster than the 2 alternatives you mentioned. If you see a shocking event, you might text it to your 10 friends. These 10 friends will respond “No way! Are you ok?” And then maybe tell their 2 friends that are sitting next to them. End of story.

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Seth Godin should be our advisor

I was hanging out on Viralogy, and I stumbled on Seth Godin’s profile and his post about Clout. He introduces how useful it is to map out a person’s clout(or influence) on the internet, something that can tell you all your social power and the power of your influencees throughout all the different platforms. He says right now it’s a secret that the internet will not tell us yet. That’s actually the vision Viralogy has set out to do and we have successful made some giant steps towards that in the half a year we’ve been around.

We’re not anywhere close to perfect, and we still have tons of work to do before we’re successful, but we are determined to reveal this secret on the internet, Google-style. Since Seth Godin sees the same vision that we have been working on for a long time, I know he has more direction on how to do it correctly. If he becomes our advisor, I know we can realize this vision together and change the web.

The web is our oyster. We just have to figure out how to crack open the shells.