Yu-kai Chou’s most important project: Octalysis Prime (OP) finally launches!

Octalysis Prime Gamification

Have you read Yu-kai’s book? Seen the lectures? Watched the TED talk? Joined the Facebook group?

There is so much great free content out there, but the majority of it is for beginners. If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey and truly transform your life with a passionate community, Octalysis Prime is the ultimate place to be.

If you have been wondering why Yu-kai himself hasn’t been sharing more advanced content here on this blog in the past 6 months, it is because he has been dedicating all his time preparing for today’s launch for his ultimate Gamified Learning Platform: Octalysis Prime.

For today’s launch, Yu-kai has already created over 300 exclusive educational videos, a gamified platform that tracks your Core Drives growth while unlocking new powers, and a direct way to connect with him via regular Office Hours.

Everything Yu-kai Chou has Learned

Since Yu-kai’s goal is to pass on the entirety of his knowledge via a Gamified Platform, Yu-kai will cover everything from the most advanced knowledge in Gamification Design (he was elected #1 Gamification Guru by top organizations multiple times), Behavioral Science (the backing of his Octalysis Framework), Entrepreneurship (Yu-kai has started many companies with industry-recognized successes), and living life effectively (Gamifying Productivity, Wellness, Education).

Exclusive educational videos not available anywhere else

Watch hundreds of educational videos developed by Yu-kai Chou at your own time and pace. As you watch the videos, various Core Drives will grow and unlock new powers within Octalysis Prime (ranging from Leveling Up Faster, Opening the Daily Chest more than once a day, to lowering your monthly payments by 40%!)

Octalysis Feedback Companion

Connect personally with Yu-kai Chou

Companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to invite Yu-kai to speak to their employees and get their questions answered. When you join Octalysis Prime, you’ll get to connect with Yu-kai during live Office Hours or in the Slack community.

Live Office Hours with Yu-kai Chou

Got a question or need advice? Then join the Office Hours with Yu-kai Chou that are held multiple times a month during convenient times for members located all over the world.

During Office Hours, Yu-kai answers personal questions of his past and lessons learned, gives advice on member work or personal project/decisions, looks at designs and interfaces while sharing how to improve the user experience. Everything corporate clients get during Paid Consulting would be covered in Office Hours.

Slack Yu-kai Chou some questions

Prefer chat over video? Slack Yu-kai Chou a message at any time and he’ll respond back with an answer. Of course, unless the passionate community of Octalysis Prime charter members don’t beat him to it.

OP Slack Top Gamification Gurus

You’ll absolutely love the community, and I trust that you will become an inherent part of why others would love it too!

A message from Yu-kai Chou:

Dear Friends,

After TONS of hard work, sweat, tears, persistence, creativity, and FUN, we are happy to announce that the Octalysis Prime Island has finally launched!

Octalysis Prime has been my most important project, allowing me to share the entirety of my knowledge (in gamification, behavioral design, entrepreneurship and life in general), while showing the world how a good CD3 gamification platform can be done.

Of course, it is still in the preliminary days, and right now this is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). However, we already have 200 vibrant members in the community with over 300 educational videos created (I put A LOT of time into this…and I’m still creating 2-3 videos a week!).

Many members have even found dream jobs (working at The Octalysis Group, Music Educational Company, Accenture, and more) with the support of Octalysis Prime.

I want this to be a truly transformative experience – so every member can look back at their Pre-OP days and wonder how they managed to get by without the knowledge, skills and connections (not to mention passion) that they now take for granted.

And none of this is possible without you.

You are the reason why I could do this. With you on board, we are literally making history in the Gamification and Education Platform Industries. Lives will become better and societies improved because of it (I am not using a hyperbole – I’ve already seen it happen!) For this, my entire team and I thank you for it.

Even though Octalysis Prime is a $50/mo experience (MUCH lower than tuition for any college course but potentially much more impactful), I believe it will be a transformative investment for you. Out of all the investments available (including Bitcoin!), investing in YOURSELF is the only way to guarantee Lifelong Returns and Dividends. (For instance, there are a few books that I read that helped me or my company make AT LEAST $100K – $200K more…and that knowledge will keep on applying for the next 50 years!)

So here is my invitation to enjoy the Island experience. Learn as much as you can from my educational videos. Bond with as many members as you can in the Slack Community, and see your life transformed into breakaway success.

I hope you have the Most Epic 2018 Imaginable. With Octalysis Prime, I will be there alongside your journey. Prime On!!

Start your Gamified Transformation today

Join the community of hundreds of dedicated, passionate professionals and learn how to use Octalysis, Gamification, and behavioral design to improve your personal and professional life.

Join the Ultimate Learning Journey: Octalysis Prime now!

Inbox Gambling: Why People (Not You, of Course) Really Live in Their Inbox

Inbox Gambling: Why People Really Live in Their Inbox (Hint: Gamification Example)

You’re bored but you decide not to check Facebook for once.

Congratulations on remarkable discipline. (Let’s face it, maybe  you were just scared of being frightened by another cat video.)

Fortunately, your inbox is still ready and waiting.

You hover your finger over the icon on your phone, that pretty little icon.

Inside that digital envelope, not much more than a thumbnail on your screen, waits a world of wonder.

If you’re an Octalysis student, you’ll recognize Core Drive 7: Unpredictability & Curiosity.

A Mix of Good and Bad News (and in Between)

Whether you get good or bad news, or something in between, doesn’t matter.

The inbox provides an abundance of curiosity.

Even before you open it, you are probably receiving a small dopamine hit.

In gamification terms, you are staring at a massive mystery box.

But it is better than that.

The email inbox is an entire list or group of mystery boxes within the larger mystery box. I like to call this the Meta Mystery Box (Or, if you like, the Epic Mystery Box.)

The Meta Mystery Box is so powerful that I’m predicting the email inbox will survive for a long, long, time.

Other Core Drives in the Inbox

Core Drive 8: Loss and Avoidance: Changing your email address, losing contacts, and the hassle of merging to other email clients all make us tend to stay with whatever client you have.

Loss and Avoidance also plays into not wanting to miss important news from your boss or friends.

This plays at the micro level. When you consider pressing that tiny unsubscribe button after the fourteenth email this month from a once-useful-but-now annoying spammer, you still wonder if you might miss out on something useful from the sender in the future.

This, by the way, is anticipatory regret. It is real, and that is probably for the next post.

Let me know if you visited the Meta Mystery Box today and why you did! No harm if you did, just curious to know why you tapped the icon or opened a new tab. For more advanced game techniques and discussions applied to real projects, join the vibrant community of learners at Octalysis Prime.

Sacrifice For More Motivation (The Noble Sacrifice)

You can’t do everything. So you have to choose.

Some say you have to prioritize. But does prioritizing actually involve choosing? Does it involving making the really hard choice? The essential choice?

Sacrifice, instead, forces you to choose.

We already know the power of meaningful choices from Core Drive 3: Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback. When we have to to choose between two irreconcilable co goods, or two really bad bads, the choice becomes meaningful. Core Drives are pulling us in and other Anti Core Drives are pushing us away!

Suddenly our agency matters. Paths diverge. Your future changes.

This might sound a touch dramatic, but if nothing else, life seems to be all about sacrifice.

On the flip side of every decision you make is something you didn’t do, didn’t get to do, didn’t have the time or energy or motivation to do.

And of course, some choices even involve further sacrifice.

The decision to learn the trade of an astrophysicist may involve sacrificing time with the family across many years. The same could be said for an aspiring all-time-great novelist.

The Noble Sacrifice

Sacrifice is often left out of discussions of top-performing women in the workplace. Many women, and rightfully so, choose to sacrifice career to have kids, raise their children, and build a family.

That is a noble sacrifice.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than ever before.”

That, for many people over and over again, is the sacrifice that, on one hand limits their career, but on the other, augments the total quality of their life.
So let us not too quickly dismiss with sacrifice.

Sacrifice seems to augment our motivations. It seems to make the things we did choose and will choose to do even more powerful, because the sacrifice itself is of the many things that could have also been done, that were left undone, just so the pursuit of what mattered most could be achieved.

Maybe more sacrifice should be included in our motivational designs, and more human empathy employed tho to our users, who are also humans, in making the tough choices they face. We are all making a sacrifice at almost every moment of our day.

For more thought-provoking design and gamification discussions prompted by input from a vibrant community of thinkers, check out Octalysis Prime.

Marco Segatto Analyzes Fitbit, Nike+, and Zombies, Run! using the Octalysis Tool

Using the Octalysis Toolhttps://yukaichou.com/octalysis-tool/— is a fantastic way to practice using Octalysis and putting your design mind to the test with gamification examples found in the wild! Thank you to Marco Segatto for applying his gamification knowledge to Fitbit, Nike+, and Zombies Run! as part of his larger research. Try using the tool yourself, here!





Zombies, Run!

Using Epic Meaning to Fuel Consistent Progress on Goals

Is epic meaning necessary to progress on goals? How can you use it to drive consistent progress and results.

Using Epic Meaning to Guide Your 2018 Goals

Once you’ve made a list of goals, you need to go out and achieve them.

Day after day.

Usually, Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment is the motivating Core Drive to keep you going day after day.


Because CD2 relies on external motivation that you control. You’re trying to get better at running. You can train each day and tick off on your calendar the days you complete a training run.

But Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning & Calling can help you drive long-term day-to-day motivation, too.

Is Epic Meaning Necessary to Progress on Goals

Generally, no.

But it can be insanely helpful.

Consider your long-term goals. They are likely tied to some epic meaning and calling or life purpose.

You’re trying to avoid regret at your death bed. You want to accomplish something that is bigger than yourself.

The more you seek to discover areas of epic meaning and calling that matter to YOU, the better you’ll be able to use CD1 as long-term motivation.

How can you use Core Drive 1 to drive consistent progress and results?

The key is actually in using an Anti Core Drive to fuel your day to day actions.

When you feel like missing a daily process or task (remember, you need to grind things out day after day to get results), use the Anti Core Drive.

Think and imagine yourself into the future.

How would you feel if you didn’t achieve your full potential with respect to your Core Drive 1 motivation if you could say: “I didn’t give it my all in pursuit of my epic meaning and calling–I needlessly skipped a day because I was lazy.”

This Anti Core Drive 1 will draw you back to day to day achievement.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!