Reloaded!! Beginner’s Guide to Gamification (3 of 90): The 8 Core Drives of a Game

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Yu-kai Chou introduces the 8 Core Drives in Gamification

Before we can explore how to use games to make productive things fun, we must first understand why are games fun.

Games are not fun because they have points, badges and leaderboards, but because they appeal to our Core Drives.

The 8 Core Drives are:

  1. Epic Meaning & Calling
  2. Development & Accomplishment
  3. Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback
  4. Ownership & Possession
  5. Social Influence & Relatedness
  6. Scarcity & Impatience
  7. Curiosity & Unpredictability
  8. Loss & Avoidance



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46 thoughts on “Reloaded!! Beginner’s Guide to Gamification (3 of 90): The 8 Core Drives of a Game”

  1. Solid looking framework for establishing a needs hierarchy.

    #8 strikes a chord as research shows that the half-life of a new skill is very short if that skill is not used soon after being acquired. While “Use it or lose it” is a common meme, many folks don’t really “accept” it’s truth.

  2. I don’t know why, (maybe it’s just getting late) but after watching this, I’ve got a Schoolhouse Rock song going through my head…. the one for multiples of 3 “3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30″… If I remember correctly, there were football players wearing these numbers on their jerseys as the song progressed. Nice way to get some information into your head.

  3. This video was super informative and helpful! Thank you for breaking down each of these core areas in such a relatable way.

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