Engaging Website Design Series #2: Creating a Theme

Engaging Website Design Series #2: Creating a Theme

A theme is important for creating an engaged experience
In this episode of the Engaging Website Design Series by Captain Up, I talk about why creating a theme in your website is important, and show how to create a theme through a gamification platform like Captain Up.


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4 thoughts on “Engaging Website Design Series #2: Creating a Theme”

  1. I was shocked by the way your site compels me to play and participate. I am more of the “not-so-easy-to-engage” type so you could feel proud of what you have done here!

    What was your thoughts behind the badges? I really want to know what do you intended to achieve with those and why

    Here’s my feedback:
    First I smile at the funny description, then I want to have it… but realice that there’s no clear instructions. So I read again looking for clues, look the picture trying to figure out how to get it.

    Now I am not smiling, but frowning, all I have it’s a vague idea of what to do but at this time I really really want it so I try hoping it works.

    And it does!! I win my badge!!! Now I am smiling again feeling myself clever. And looking for other to complete.

    Obviously I was not aware of those feelings. I notice when I started thinking why I felt so engaged with something I normally ignore completely.

    I cannot help but wonder if that was what you expect your users feel.

    Stay Awesome!

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