Engaging Website Design Series (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome to part 2 of the 10-episode series where Yu-kai shows you how to implement an engaging website design using the CaptainUp gamification platform!

In ‘Engaging Website Design Series Part 1,’ Yu-kai gives an entertaining talk on finding a gamification platform and creating theme.

Part 2 will focus on how to create a game and incorporate badges, rewards, and unpredictability into your design.

Engaging Website Design : Episode 3 – Creating a Game

Engaging Website Design : Episode 4 – Badges & Rewards

Engaging Website Design : Episode 5 – Unpredictability

6 thoughts on “Engaging Website Design Series (Part 2 of 3)”

  1. Hi Yu-Kai,
    Thank you so much for your gamification wisdom and the creativity displayed in all these video series (Engaging Website Design).

    Thank you & God bless!
    Sydney, Australia

  2. I swear i did click on the sun a few times before today and never got the achievement, today *puff* and it works.
    Great fan of Portal, I would have never guessed the trick, but i am glad it’s there 🙂

  3. Yu-kai, you should’ve placed a spoiler alert at the beginning of episode 5 – anyhow my CD4 says thank you for the additional badge 🙂

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