Awesome Bloggers Launching!

(This is Jun, my co-founder)

You guys might be wondering what we have been doing these days,  as Jun, Joe and I have been mostly writing about interesting topics on our blog but not really updating about Future Delivery. What do we have in our sleeves?

Well, you guys may already know we’re working on what we think could be an industry-changing site called Viralogy. Viralogy aims to help personal bloggers become discovered and also create a Social Media Rank. While we’re still getting out of our Alpha stage (with strangers playing with it), we are excited to first launch a new project called Awesome Bloggers.

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How I started my Entrepreneurial Career Freshman Year in College

When I talk to my friends outside of the startup world, one of the most common questions I get from them is “how do you start?” I usually tell them, “You just start. Figure out what you want to do, find people who have complementary skills to do it with you, and learn everything you can from the internet.” Then they’ll usually follow up with “But I don’t have a lot of money or any great ideas. Isn’t it very risky?”

You don’t need a lot of money or a great idea to be an entrepreneur

Many people have the false impression that they need a lot of money and a great idea to be an entrepreneur. That’s actually not true. Sure, its risky, but if you don’t have much money, what’s there to lose? Since I was 18, I started an online retailing company selling electronic products, a company that imports components of construction machinery (didn’t take off due to partnership misalignment in values), a non-profit for professional networking services, a small business consulting company, the premiere business organization in UCLA (not really a company, so consider that taking a break), Future Delivery and the company I have right now, RewardMe.

The first step towards entrepreneurship could be small

When I first started, I obviously didn’t have any money. The whole thing came as an accident when I raffled myself two football tickets and sold them on eBay. I felt something was lightened up within me, as if I have found a calling. So then I decided to trade TI-83 Calculators, which is something everyone needs for school. I would go on eBay during hours when everyone was asleep so I can buy the calculators without anyone bidding against me, and I would sell them during times when there were a lot of bid competition. If you used eBay before, you know it’s all about how many people are bidding against each other when your listing ends. Just like that, I would buy a calculator for $40 at 2AM, and then sell it for $60 at 1PM. A pretty good margin.

However, I was not satisfied. I kept finding people on eBay selling brand new products that are a lot cheaper than retail prices, and I wanted to do that too. I thought that these people must have bought in bulk and I would never be able to compete with them. But I lightened up when I found out about Dropshipping.

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FD Lifestyle Presentation at Google

Today I was invited to Google to make a speech about The FD Lifestyle: Powering up in the Game of Life. The crowd was a group of Googlers, Facebookers, Yahooers and Cisco folks who regularly gather and invite speakers.

The speech went awesome. Some people tried to destroy my arguments during the Q&A session by challenging some of the logic and scenarios I presented, but fortunately I was able to answer them all.

I actually think my Q&A session turned out to be more impressive than my actual presentation.

A lot of people came up and chatted with me afterwards, and I really look forward to hanging out with them more! These are some great people who have already been leveling up their entire lives.

The slideshow above is the powerpoint I used for my presentation. Most of it is pictures, but I will soon upload a video version of my presentation!

Now that is out of the way, I just have to prepare for the Web 2.0 Expo in SF and the Keynote Speech I have at USC next week!

Hope you all had an extraordinary weekend and that you will be successful in every activity you engage in!

Won Best Startup Presentation at the CINACON Competition – Twice!

Startup Presentation

 Won Best Startup Presentation

OK, the second one was second place, but I’m still quite ecstatic about this surprising award. Here’s the story: (skim as you need)

How I got the Startup Presentation

So I happened to become good friends with the President of this entrepreneurship organization called CINA in the Bay Area. CINA was hosting their annual conference (The Cinacon), where a bunch of entrepreneurs set up booths and showcase their companies and pitch to VCs. I first got the newsletter from CINA regarding the event, but since I have a busy schedule and it costs money to join (yea, we’re leanest of the leanest right now), I did not respond to it. Weeks later, she called me and urged me to sign up and join. After two times of her calling just to encourage me to join, I OKed it.

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Woman creates


During these bad economic times, a lot of people have been doing everything they can to find a job. Sometimes it takes the power of two to do so. After Michael Stearns got his MBA from Georgetown and came to California, he had been struggling to find a job for 8 months. His wife then decides to take matters into her own hands and created is simply a promotional site that sells one product: her husband. as creative buzz

Notice that when the wife decided to help her husband, she did not create a site that just talks about Mike. She purposely added herself into the picture by calling it instead of just or something related. The first page of it is just her holding a big sign that says “Hire My Husband”.

This is actually really smart because there are millions of people trying to find a job for themselves, and it does not stand out. However, not that many sites are created to promote someone else, especially a spouse. is a catchy idea because women will look at it and respect how she is being so supportive of her spouse, while men out there will all tell their wives about it.

In essence, perfectly fits in the 6 concepts of Made to Stick(an awesome book that’s worth a read): Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotional, and Stories. As you can see, is a simple and emotional story that qualifies for a viral campaign.

Slight problems with

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