Glenn Beck’s 9 Principles and 12 Values

Craze about touching the people’s heart

Today, I saw that the 912 Project by Glenn Beck was disproportionally popular on the internet. It has been getting a lot of attention on Google Trends and Twitter. I decided to investigate it a little bit and wanted to share what I found.

After some investigation, I realized the actual website was down due to the high traffic. So many people were enthusiastic about the project, it actually crashed the Fox servers 5 times! Quite impressive. Now this is something that I really want to find out.

What is

After a good amount of research (actually quite difficult), I found the best summary about the 912 Project on Mahalo:

“Project 912 is the brain child of conservative talk show host and radio personality Glenn Beck. According to the website, the origin of the title is in remembrance of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. The program was revealed on becks Special You Are Not ALone on March 13, 2009. Beck encouraged viewers to send in photographs of themselves, and the site created an art piece of a man holding a flag with the script “We the People” printed on the bottom.”

The idea of is that since right now the world is in chaos, people need to go back to their true essence.
This essence can be summed up as the 9 Principles and 12 Values. A lot of the 9 Principles and 12 Values were taken out of religious text, Founding Father writings, and some common sense.

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A new OFFLINE social media marketing idea

While I was driving today I saw a van with Progressive Auto Insurance painted on it. It was probably a company owned van, but I was also reminded of the Geek Squad Beetles that I see every once in awhile and some other company painted cars.

This got me thinking.

I noticed that paintings or signs on cars often get noticed. People even look at other people’s car license plates.

Basically, these cars get a lot of eyeballs.

The social media way of marketing offline

Applying my background in Social Media Marketing, I came up with a new marketing idea that is low cost but highly effective.

This is how it works:

A company creates a program, where they would advertise on the cars of people who commute long distances everyday.

They can pay a couple hundred dollars to these people every month to do the exact same things they would be doing anyway.

Heck, instead of paying money, this company could just offer to pay all their gas bills.
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Age vs Experience: being young does not disqualify you from performing well

Pre-judgements are often made based on age

A few days ago I had a good voice chat with my good friend and internet personality Jamie Varon. We talked about her goals of breaking through social boundaries and setting people free from surrounding expectations.

In the middle of the conversation, we started talking about young social media marketers. Being completely appropriate on topic, she asked me, “and how old are you?”

That’s when my mind suddenly made a little pause.

I usually feel a little reserved when people ask about my age, particularly because I know that people inevitably make some judgements based on age. And up till now, my age does not put me in the good side of this judgement.

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Yu-kai’s Predictions for 2009

(A Dramatic Entrance Into the New Year)

Supposedly one of my talents is to consider a lot of variables and elements and see how they tie into the long-term big picture (I thank my chess training for that). I thought that may come useful to do one of those “New Year Predictions” kind of thing. I’ll admit, some of this is no-duh common sense, but that’s how a lot of the prediction’s I’ve seen are, so bear with me. Hopefully I have some kind of non-obvious insight:

1. In a recession economy, Green Collar Jobs will be the expanding field. I say this because all the resourceful parties are focusing on environmental sustainability, consumers are demanding green products, company employees are demanding their firm become socially responsible. The Government is working hard to use the Green Economy to boost up the other sectors. Venture Capitalists are putting money into Clean Tech, and Universities are putting in loads of research budget into it. When the earth is dying, green is one of those field that is recession free. Afterall, everyone can fulfill their childhood dreams of saving the world.

2. China will consolidate its economy while India will have a higher market penetration in the offshoring business. I have heard many experts from China that they are concerned that their economy is growing too fast without people being prepared for it in terms of growth infrastructure and cultural. The global recession will actually help them consolidate their economy and also let them shift their focus from exporting to their own 1.3 Billion consumers. India, on the other hand, is fully geared to become a larger service player to the US. Especially after outsourcing philosophies like “The World is Flat” and “The 4-Hour Workweek,” concepts like outsourcing your life will become predominant as people try to do things in cheaper ways.

3. Twitter will become mainstream and introduce a non-intrusive monetization method to test the waters with no difficulty. People who become prominent early on Twitter will get paid for it as consultants. There will be hundreds of Twitter Apps and Tools that are built while Twitter keeps its interface clean, and they might buy a few more of these apps/tools.

4. Virtual Worlds growth will slow down due to the recession, but will still become more and more dominant. Companies and Businesses will look further into how they can take advantage of Web3D as the next wave of Web 2.0. Its cheaper, more interactive, more fun, and more efficient.

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10 Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs and Startups

I know there are lots of these, but this one seems to have some new ideas to learn and absorb. I think its definitely worth a look.

In the FD Lifestyle way of phrasing it, it would be like this:

1. Watch your stats and stay close to the useful NPCs in town.
2. Watch your mineral flow. Make sure you have enough SCVs.
3. Establish a reputation on your server. Everyone will want to be your ally.
4. Be sociable during games. Chat often and be friendly to build trust.
5. Discuss ideas with your teammates. Maybe one will cover air with Corsairs while the other makes Carriers?
6. Adventure with those you can duel with. They help you recognize your weakness and improve it for you.
7. Specialize in something. Putting 1 skill point in sword technique, 1 in spear technique, and 1 in mace technique does not help you become strong when you can only use one weapon at a time. Be the best at what you do.
8. Know the exact skill points and units you need at each stage to conquer your opponents.
9. Put all your units to good use. Don’t have a single idling unit.
10. Be a Hardcore Gamer 🙂
11. You can only be a Hardcore Gamer if your partner supports gaming 🙂