Team Behind

The Chou Force Team is owned by Chou Force International Corp, along with sister properties such as and

Below are the team members of Chou Force International.

Yu-kai Chou – Founder and CEO

“My job is to look smart by pretending to know about gamification and behavioral design.”

Jun Loayza – Chief Marketing Officer

“My job is to make sure the entire world learns about Chou Force and gamification”

Joris Beerda – Chief Content Officer

“My job is to make sure the stuff that comes out from the others are actually scientifically based”

Angel Cheng – Chief Editor and Head of Operations

“My job is to make sure the content is well written and the organization keeps its sanity (while I lose mine).”

Victoria Pan – Head of Education

“My job is to make sure education in the future can be fun and gamified through the Octalysis Framework.”

Erik van Mechelen – Writer

“My job is to figure out what’s in Yu-kai’s brain and turn that into articles. That, and find interesting trends in technology to share.

Rachel Hsu – Operations

“My job is to support the team above to make sure and comes together correctly and generates the required revenue.”