5 Dominant Techniques in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Techniques

5 Dominant Social Media Marketing Techniques

After helping a variety of companies with their social media marketing campaigns in the past 2 years, I noticed that social media marketing narrows down to a few dominant techniques that work well and produce results.

However, a big problem in the industry is that most people just think about Social Media Marketing as one big technique, and without understanding what they truly want, they pay consultants(mostly self-proclaimed experts who have never driven an ROI for companies) to help them do this social media marketing thing that everyone says is essential.

The result is unsurprisingly disappointing because every company, every budget, and every goal requires different social media marketing techniques. If you are a low budget company looking to get tons of traffic in one month, you can’t make online video shows everyday like Gary Vaynerchuk did because even the great Garyvee took two years to make it big. If you hire a “social media expert” to run a blog and Twitter account for you, you will quickly lose faith in social media because they’re not going to get you 100K visitors in a month by just doing that.

Different companies with different goals should have different social media marketing techniques

This is a serious pain in the industry because social media marketing is something that truly works and can be very powerful, but most people(companies and consultants alike) have a lot of misconceptions regarding the different strategies and how they should be used.

In this post, I attempt to break social media marketing down into 5 Main Techniques. In that way, if you are a company, you can ask your social media experts to do a Social Media Targeting Campaign, instead of just a vague Social Media Marketing Campaign. If you are a consultant, make sure your client knows what you are doing for them and what results they can expect.

Social Media Marketing Technique 1: SM Brand Management

This is the most common technique that the “experts” promise to do. This includes creating and maintaining a blog and Twitter Account, engage people who are interested, share valuable things in your industry, and eventually build up followers, visitors, and trust. It might even involve maintaining a Facebook Fanpage (not effective if you DO NOT already have a strong brand established) or a LinkedIn group.

This technique is effective because it fully utilizes the SOCIAL part of social media. You are out there engaging your target audience. You are making friends with them and creating value for them. You are building your own popularity and trust. If someone knows what you do and thinks positively of you, when they need your product or services, they will not go on Google and find a random service they don’t know. They will buy it from you. If their friends are looking for services you offer, they will refer their friends to you.

The problem with Social Media Brand Management is that it takes time, patience and persistence. Since you are not out there to close deals but to build trust, you won’t see an immediate increase in sales or signups. It’s only when people really trust you and care about you do they start to check out your stuff, and that could take months to years to build.

Companies who consistently pressure their Social Brand Building workers to self-promote, get traffic, and get sales will hurt themselves in the longrun and fail in social media marketing. They clearly do not understand that this technique was not appropriate for their 1 month ROI agendas.

Really engages your target market. Builds trusts. Leads to sustainable success.
Extremely slow. Takes a lot of time. Need to truly care about your audience.
When to use Social Brand Building
When you have a longterm vision of your brand and social influence on the internet, and you can dedicate at least one longterm person who understands what it takes to be popular online and engage with your target audience.
End Result: Brand

Social Media Marketing Technique 2: SM Targeting

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Yu-kai Chou’s Guest Lecturer Talk in Stanford University

I’ve had the honor of being invited to be a guest lecturer to talk about Social Media and Marketing Gamification at a Stanford CS course on personal branding. Many of my Twitter friends wanted me to post a video, so here it is 🙂

A few things:

1) My friend who taped it couldn’t get the camera to work at the beginning, so this is about 10 minutes into the talk.
2) The camera ran out of batteries, so this video ends 20 minutes before I actually finished (but I think that’s okay because who wants to watch super long videos?)
3) I’m more used to setups where my laptop was in front of me, so for this one I kept on looking at the side, which I somewhat awkward.

Besides that, enjoy! 🙂

Infographic: How to Effectively Market Your Restaurant with Pinterest

Infographic: How to Market Your Restaurant with Pinterest

Restaurants are always looking for new ways to promote their business. From social media to traditional media, restaurants continue to look for new ways to re-invent the wheel. One platform that continues to grow in interest and use is the social platform, Pinterest.

Pinterest, a pinboard-style social photo sharing website has grown quickly as a tool for brands to distribute photos and content relevant to the brand.

Restaurants in particular can benefit from using Pinterest because of both the visual story that images of foods evoke and the ease of sharing that the Pinterest platform allows for.

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10 Common Social Media Questions from Small Business Owners, Part 2

10 Common Social Media Questions from Small Business Owners, Part 2

In the first part of our two part segment on the 10 Common Social Media Questions from Small Business Owners, we looked at questions such as the following:

  • Facebook, Twitter, or Both?
  • How many Facebook fans or Twitter followers is a good number?
  • Should I reply to all posts from Facebook/Twitter users?
  • Do I need to hire someone to manage my social media presence?
  • How do I get people to find my business?

In the second part, we take a closer look at the basics of social media including questions regarding blogging as well as platforms like Pinterest. Continue reading 10 Common Social Media Questions from Small Business Owners, Part 2

How to build an effective content calendar for Twitter

An active Twitter community has the power to drive foot traffic and increase brand awareness for a local business.  The first step is of course to get Twitter followers; the next step and equally important is to create a content calendar that will make it easy for you to Tweet to your community and stay on top of mind.

What is a content calendar: a content calendar is a schedule for when to post content and what to post about.  A content calendar helps you keep organized and consistent when it comes to social media engagement.  Remember, that which is scheduled gets done.

Who should read this post: a local business owner that just doesn’t have the time or energy to Tweet all day

What you will learn: how to create an effective content calendar that will make it easy to stay on schedule and send relevant Tweets to your community

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How local businesses can utilize the new Facebook Apps

Facebook is a platform that is limited only by your creativity – and of course technical knowledge.  But even without a technical background, a local business can utilize a myriad of apps to create an engaging Facebook experience.

A local business with an active Facebook fan base can greatly increase foot traffic and customer retention.  Best of all, most of the apps available to local businesses are free, giving you a marketing channel that only requires your time.

Who should read this post: Local business owners looking to spice up their Facebook page with engaging apps

What you will learn: What apps are available to you and how to use them to drive traffic and retention

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How to get more Twitter followers for your local business

how to get more twitter followers for your local business

Starbucks has 2 million+ followers on Twitter; McDonald’s has 400,000+ followers on Twitter.

If you’re a local business, chances are that you’re finding it extremely difficult to attract Twitter followers.  And there are so many articles online about how to leverage your Twitter following for more business, but how can you even accomplish “more business” if you don’t have a following in the first place?

This post is NOT about how to get more Twitter followers for your blog or personal brand.  This post is specifically about how a local business owner can attract Twitter followers to his business.

Who should read this post: local business owners that want to utilize Twitter for marketing but can’t seem to gain Twitter followers

What you will learn: what you can do right now to start gaining traction and followers on Twitter

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