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Here are all the Episodes of the Gamification Video Guide: The Beginner’s Guide to Gamification

I’ve seen quite a few Gamification Video Courses online these days, but all the ones I have seen are extremely boring AND they lack in deepness. A few of them spread the net very wide and people understand gamification better but not how to apply it.

This is my attempt (and hobby) of making an entertainment video lecturer course, while packing in some advanced gamification techniques, concepts, and examples. The reason why I call it the “Beginner’s Guide” to Gamification, even though it is more advanced than many “expert certification” courses, is because I believe we are all still students in this vast field of Gamification. The industry is just at its beginning, and 10 years later, we would be amazed about how little we knew right now. My goal is to be the pioneer of beginner’s and share all the stuff I have learned!

While 90 Episodes sound like a lot (especially to make…), 900 minutes is less than a semester’s worth of lecturers, and you get it for free (companies and organizations pay me thousands of dollars for this), so you should rejoice and jump for joy right now.

Episode 1: Introduction to the Guide

Episode 2: What is Gamification

Episode 3: The 8 Core Drives of a Game

Episode 4: Gamification Framework Octalysis

Episode 5: 4 Experience Phases of a Game

Episode 6: Applying Level 1 Octalysis to Waze(a)

Episode 7: Applying Level 1 Octalysis to Waze(b)

Episode 8: Core Drive 1 – Epic Meaning & Calling

Episode 9: Core Drive 2 – Development & Accomplishment

Episode 10: Core Drive 3 – Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback (Part 1)

Episode 11: Core Drive 3 – Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback (Part 2)

Episode 12: Core Drive 4 – Ownership & Possession (Part 1)

Episode 13: Core Drive 4 – Ownership & Possession (Part 2)

Episode 14: Core Drive 5 – Social Influence & Relatedness (or Social Pressure & Envy)

Episode 15: Core Drive 6 – Scarcity & Impatience

Episode 16: Core Drive 7 – Unpredictability & Curiosity

Episode 17: Core Drive 8 – Loss & Avoidance

Episode 18: Chou Force Intervention

Episode 19: White Hat vs Black Hat Gamification

Episode 20: Left Brain vs Right Brain Core Drives

Episode 21: Discovery Phase of the Player’s Journey

Episode 22: Onboarding Phase of the Player’s Journey

Episode 23: Scaffolding Phase of the Player’s Journey

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    116 thoughts on “Video Course”

    1. Great introduction to my favorite Core Drive! Or is it creativity? Or development? I can’t choose!


    2. @Meir Gabay Thanks for your encouragement. It means a lot to me. Hopefully I can reduce shaking too at one point, but I will continue to share my knowledge and experience 😀

    3. Yukai Chou, just wanted you to know that I’m currently developing and app and I’ve been told by many sources that I need to learn “gamification” – I had no idea what it means.
      Thanks to these videos I really got the picture and I must say that I don’t lose focus for a second because of the terrain changing in your videos, keeps my attention very high.
      So again, many thanks for this guide and I’m looking forward for your next videos!
      Meir Gabay, Israel !

    4. Silvio Santos Junior FrederikAggeRonex You’re welcome 🙂
      I’m also working on an analysis as well to get a certificate and a nice little helping tool for this is the Octalysis tool that Yu-kai just launched (as currently shown in the orange news bar at the top of the page).
      Here’s a link to it:

    5. You’re welcome 🙂
      I’m working on an analysis as well to get the certificate as well 🙂
      A little helping tool that Yu-kai just launced (as currently shown in The orange news feed above) is a tool that helps you fill out the visual presentations of the analysis:

    6. FrederikAggeRonex Silvio Santos Junior Thanks, man! I really appreciate that! I’m starting it tonight! 

    7. Silvio Santos Junior In one of the video guide videos Yu-kai shares a secret e-mail adress not to be found anywhere else.
      What you can use this for is that if you’ve made an Octalysis analysis, you can send it to him on this e-mail adress and he’ll look at it and if done right, he will send you an Octalysis certificate! 😀

    8. Glad to found this! I’m starting a huge project of gamifying some of our marketing actions here in Informa Brazil… this will be of great help! Thank  you! Do you have a certification course? If not, can you suggest one?
      Thanks from Brazil! 
      Best regards,
      Silvio Junior

    9. JoseManuelRodriguez Sounds great! I’m learning a bit of Spanish right now! Look forward to Octalysis and Human-Focused Design knowledge be spread in Spain!

    10. This is awsome. I’m starting up gamifiying my department in Spain. I’ll be happy to extend your knowledge to Spanish!

    11. SonnySpeaksOut Yu-kai Chou bruno_jenyffer It will be titled Actionable Gamification – Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards. My second book (who knows when) will be titled 10,000 Hours of Play

    12. bruno_jenyffer Yu-kai Chou Another option if it’s because you want to read it on the go without network, you can use an app like Pocket.
      I use it frequently 🙂

    13. bruno_jenyffer Haha, unfortunately, that does not exist. I am working on a book though that hopefully will come out beginning of next year!

    14. I’d like to read some of your articles in PDF. Where do I find them? Thank you so much.Yu-kai Chou

    15. Yu-kai Chou  It now points to a page about the framework, but not to the video, the video page is

      1. joshscorrar Thanks for the comment Josh! Hope all is well with you and feel free to reach out to me for anything 😀

        1. Yu-kai Chou shacharoz really? i thought you made them years ago… 🙂
          anyway, good luck and i’m waiting to hear more (and i’m really surprised that i’m saying this on your type of movies… 😉

        2. Yu-kai Chou p.s. is there anyway that i can sign up to be updated when you upload new chapters? i got to 11.

        3. shacharoz Hmm, I think the best way is to subscribe by email on the right top that says ,”subscribe via email” and get notices whenever I update a new blogpost – which will of course include the video series!

    16. Hi there,
      Just wanted to let you know that the link to video 4 doesn’t work. Although this: “Oh no! These pages don’t exist, but Yu-kai Chou does. Check out these other posts or just stay awesome.” is very funny, I’d prefer your video in this case 😉

      1. MichelleAndreassen Thanks a lot for the feedback! I just updated so it should now be correct 😉

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