Comprehensive List of 90+ Gamification Examples & Cases with ROI Stats (2024)

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It’s all about the Gamification Examples & Case Studies Below is a list of gamification examples and cases with ROI (Return On Investment) stats and figures, with many links to the case studies, so you can see for yourself the tremendous impact it is having on businesses. I want this list to focus on cases […]

The Octalysis Framework for Gamification & Behavioral Design

Gamification Framework

This post is a high-level introduction to Octalysis, The Gamification Framework I created Octalysis is a powerful Gamification Framework created after extensive research and study by its creator over 17 years. Gamification, a design approach centered around human motivation, takes elements from games and applies them to real-world activities. Octalysis emphasizes “Human-Focused Design” instead of […]

Top 10 Learning Games For Kids (2024)

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Top 10 Learning Games for Kids (If you are confused about what all the Core Drive #s are about in this post, make sure you check out the Gamification Framework: Octalysis first!) This is a follow-up to last week’s post on What are Learning Games. One of the most promising applications of gamification is to enhance […]

Top 10 Finance Gamification Examples To Level Up in 2024

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This article was written by Erik van Mechelen, based on the Octalysis framework designed by Yu-kai Chou. Updated in 2024. Human-focused Finance The main takeaway from Yu-kai Chou’s Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards is that design experiences, particularly those involving gamification, need to be designed for humans. That’s why Yu-kai refers to them as human-focused. […]

The 10 best social products that use Gamification to literally save the world (2024)

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Click here to view our full list of Gamification examples. As a Gamification Pioneer, one of the most common responses I get when I tell people about Gamification is some version of, “Interesting. But how can something like video games really create value in real-world important things?” In other words, “I’m going to be polite […]

Top 10 Gamified Healthcare Games that will extend your Life (2024)

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Healthcare Games Improve Lives Technology is changing the face of healthcare as we know it. The typical habit of only going to a doctor when you have an issue is slowly fading. The medical field is now moving towards preventative care, and for good reason: according to the Partnership for Prevention, over 100,000 lives could […]

Top 10 eCommerce and shopping examples that use Gamification (2024)

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Click here to view our full list of Gamification examples. Shopping has evolved so much from traditional market exchanges. It completely transformed from acquiring of needed goods into a rich experience that integrates deeply into every single culture of civilizations that can afford to power such an activity. People shop for fun, and for many […]