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31 thoughts on “Hit Me Up”

  1. Hello everyone! Perhaps some of you are involved in online courses and have applied gamification elements? I am conducting research at the university on the topic “How gamification affects the engagement and motivation of students.” I am looking for course organizers who are willing to participate in a brief interview and share their successful or unsuccessful experiences with implementing gamification in online education. Please write to me via direct message evg.blinkova@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate your help!

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  3. Hi, Yu Kai Chou!
    Thank you for your book, for your ideas, for framework from Moscow! I’m happy to find it now and to use in my work. I think it’s one the interesting and useful book/tool I ever read. My team and me as product manager create a great social commerce project and your experience helps me check myself, find new solutions to make our users happier…it’s really awesome 🙂
    Thank you once more ✋

  4. Hello Yu Kai chou Sir. I am a student who still reads in school. Mentioning I am not that a good or motivated student. Then I found your course on “Udemy” called “Gamification & Behavioral Design: The Octalysis Framework” . Which was in one word “Mindblowing”. Finishing the course I was able to manage a good and motivating schedule and activities to make my study interesting. I really am grateful.

    Also mentioning that some websites are selling or giving your course for free. I told one of my friend about the course and he told me that he had find a free or pirated version of your course. Which can be found here ” https://1337x.to/torrent/3859776/FreeCourseWeb-Udemy-Gamification-Behavioral-Design-The-Octalysis-Framework/ ” . I request you to take any steps to remove this link from this site and other sites too. Thank you.. 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi Yu-Kai,

    I’m really enjoying your work here, and finding it very helpful. I’m wondering whether you might have any thoughts on the pros and cons of offering different kinds of enemies for players/users to fight?

    For example, do people tend to relate differently, depending on whether they are fighting monsters, demons, dragons, mythical creatures such as ogres and harpies, supernatural beings or humans? Or even in relation to whether you do the fighting, or you have pets to do it for you?

    To what extent do you think the idea of fighting human opponents- whether PVE or in PVP could potentially extend to some sense of dehumanising other players? I imagine PVP would generally be more inclined towards that, and I’m quite cautious about wanting to drive competitiveness in a particular direction (mostly faction or world v world type), as I think that will work better for what I’m trying to achieve.

    Is it more or less relevant, to look at the kinds of characteristics I’m ascribing to the (PVE) opponents, than necessarily what type of creature they are? Perhaps the allegiances of a PVE opponent also. In many games, it seems not to be an issue, when you end up fighting NPCs supposedly from the same faction. I’m just trying to get my head around which dynamics matter here, and how.

    Any thoughts would be gratefully recieved!

  6. Hello Yu-Kai, I am Johnny Chien, a graduate student from institute of education in Taiwan, National Chiao Tung University. Recently I have read your book, it is so impressive. In fact, I wanna use it in my thesis. I was planning use PBL as my framework, until I read your book.
    Because some error happened in contact you. I leave my message there.
    This is for following purpose
    1. To thank you for writing this book.
    2. I need your authorization that I could use Octalysis in my research.
    3. I will design a questionnaire based on Octalysis, and hope you can give me some advice.

  7. Hi Yu-kai,

    One simple question. I see there’s an inbox in my profile, but I am not sure if your site notifies me if someone reply one of my comments or mention me.

    I am literally devouring the site, can’t be more engaged. Thanks for share your knowledge!

    See you!

  8. I am still missing around 20 over a total of 90 GT, no matter how much I read, i can’t find the others but i still have to read the book entirely.
    Soon Yu-Kai…. very soon 😀

  9. Is there a list of the Game Techniques that you associate with the various core drives. I assume so since you have them numbered. I just can’t find it.

    1. Well, this is part of the game. 😉 Yu-kai won’t publish the whole list but instead release small parts on different channels (blog posts, beginners guide to gamification or his book). At first I didn’t want to play this game and was just looking for the “quick win”. But at some point I started to collect what I already stumbled upon. The list I started, though far from being complete, got quite impressive over the time. Now I crave to find details about the rare items that Yu-kai dropped in his blog posts or videos but with no further explanation (there are some where I couldn’t yet even find a GT #). As a matter of fact I feel some CD4 and for sure learned much more about GTs as I would have receiving the whole list at once. For me, this is my personal prove that Yu-kai’s approach is working. 😉

      A good place to start is the Octalysis chart, where a large number of GTs are already listed. Start your own collection and extend it whenever you find relevant details. Happy hunting! 🙂

      1. I am a huge fan of your work and admire all that you’ve done to improve the world with Octalysis. The epic meaning and calling behind gamifying work, and now everything else too, has been driving me to learn more about this for the past year.

        I have recently reached total obsession level status when it comes to understanding this subject matter.

        I first came across your Beginners Guide a few months back and have seen every video and am now working my way through your book. The more of your materials I consume the more I find myself wanting to collect these Game Techniques myself.

        I haven’t started yet but you have sufficiently hit core drive numbers 4 and 7 with that one and as a result my curiosity has to be fed. Plus I want to be in the exclusive club of those who have them.

        I have implemented your core drives into my designs for a series of board games to help Gamify the call center I work in and have seen pretty nice results with rudimentary understanding. To me, that is simply the tip of the iceberg of what is possible.

        Your Octalysis model is elegant and easy to understand. You crystalize human motivation in a way that I feel is far better than many others out there who have tried. I thank you for this.

        I tip my hat to you good sir and raise a glass in your honor.

      2. Thanks – would love to learn about what you did for your call center. Perhaps even have a chance to share that as a case study to others?

  10. Hello Yu-Kai Chou! 

    I hope this message finds you well. My name is Julio Alonso Caballero and I am currently working for LLORENTE & CUENCA in Spain. As follower of your blog and your posts I am glad to present you the last Infographic we have made in our company about Gamification and we would like to share it with you in case you consider it can be a useful resource for your visitors. It is a retro pinball design infographic where we included a short vision of the evolution, opportunities and keys of this new way to communicate and business.

    LLORENTE & CUENCA has been recently awarded as the best communication and marketing consultant in Europe and Latinoamerica and it has more than 350 professionals shared out between more than 16 countries. Hoping this could be the beginning of some good relations we are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards!
    Julio Alonso Caballero

  11. Hi Yu-kai

    I and some
    other teenagers are currently working on a website to inform about gaming and
    gamers. The goal is to make the society and parents of gamers more aware of the
    benefits of gaming and games. We are trying to cover a lot of areas and we have
    been writing about gamification and Octalysis. My question is: Is it okay for
    us to put your picture ( http://cdn.yukaichou.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Gamification-Octalysis.0041.jpg
    ) on our website? We have a lot of links to your website in our texts but we
    think it would look good with a picture to! Of course we put your name and link
    to your website underneath the picture.

    You can email me on miranda.malmberg@hotmail.com if you have any questions!


  12. Dear Sir,

    I am student of Post Graduate Diploma Course in Communications at http://www.mica.ac.in/mode/home. I am writing a research paper on ‘Gamification: It’s scope in e-retail’
    As Gamification is in its nascent phase in India, I request you if you could share some resources on how to judge/rank e-commerce site on the basisc of applied gamification or create a track sheet.
    Also if you could share some other resources/academic papers/ industry reports on the same.

  13. @DavinCrow  If you find any, I would love for you to share.  This is always the question.  sparkercan at gmail dot com

  14. I’ll immediately clutch your rss as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter
    service. Do you have any? Kindly permit me recognize so that I may just subscribe.

  15. Dear Sir,

    I found your site very very informative. I am organizing a 3 hours crash course on the topic “Fundamentals of e-Marketing with Social Media”. Sir, this is my first course which I am conducting myself. However, I am a professional Web Developer and an SEO Analyst. But I am not aware about the TEACHING process. Can you guide me where should I start from, how to teach this subject and what to include in my syllabus? Please guide me Sir.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Gaurav Kakade

  16. Hey Steve. Sorry that you had a bad experience. First of all, I want to say that not all Indian firms are unreliable or bad to work with. Many of them are great. My post is simply to warn people not to get too excited about the hourly rate.

    My biggest advice for you is that…you should have read my blog earlier… as far as my knowledge goes, I do not know how you can get your money back. You’d probably need to find someone a lot more qualified to speak on this matter, or at least a trustworthy Indian friend here in the states. Sorry I couldn’t help you much here, but my post was meant to prevent things like this from happening, but as for solving it, I am powerless 🙁

  17. I read your article on cost and time using programmers in India. I have been taken. Seriously taken. My initial contact with Manish in Japir was in 2008. His skype communications sounded like he understood the entire scope of the project. “No problem no problem he said ..” Here we are four years later and he wants me to pay him and his team to re-vamp the scope the project for a third time at my cost.
    The site is http://www.AmericanContractorExchange.com. It is not functioning, there are tons of bugs and tons of fixes… “they send status reports and include always the word “done”. There are bugs and broken functionalities that I find months down the road and bring to there attention and they acuse me of approving the project by not finding the bugs in time. “even though I pay them to design and test.
    Now they are not returing my emails or calls. I need to find a reputable attorney in Japir…. It really scares me to think that their legal system and attorney could be the same…rip offs!
    Do you have any suggestion on how I may proceed to get my money back. I have not published their names as of yet but I am becomming very angry at the thought of my project laying there wounded. I have people here in the U.S. …on in particular a widow…who is counting on me… NOT GOOD carma..

    Steve Valencia 209.256.7742

  18. Hello,
    I am a marketing student in Vancouver, Washington and I am doing a report on
    ” measuring the effectiveness of time and money spent on implementing social marketing into a companies overall marketing plan?” Where can I find some actual data that has measured the effectiveness of implementing social marketing? I am finding lots of websites telling me what social media works, but nothing that backs it up with actual data from real companies. Your website has been very helpful.

    Thank you!
    Davin Crow

  19. Hello Junior Baptista!

    Thanks for your note! 🙂 You seem to have a super interesting background! I’ll definitely let you know if I go to Brazil! Where can I find your music? I’d like to help you get more listeners 🙂

  20. Good eveningt Yu-kai Chou,
    Answering your question on the Twitter direct message, I am electronic engineer, with training in database administration with Oracle 9i, and perform maintenance on electronic level in notebooks, projectors and motherboards here in Brazil, in the state of Sao Paulo. I really like technology and music, I am musician too, hahhaaa! but that is past! When you come to Brazil, tell us before we can talk! A big hug and success in your work! Junior Baptista – brasmeta01@hotmail.com

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