The Octalysis Group is looking for UI/UX Designers

The Octalysis Group is looking for UI/UX Designers who have an understanding of Octalysis.

We are looking for UI/UX designers who can take an existing Brainstorming and Battleplan and visually make it come to life. This is step 5 of the 5-Step Octalysis Design, Wireframing.

With a tight deadline of three weeks, March 28, we already shared this Challenge within our premium Octalysis Prime community. Now, we are opening up to the entire public to participate.

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The Octalysis Framework for Gamification & Behavioral Design

This post is a high-level introduction to Octalysis, the Gamification Framework I created after more than 17 years of Gamification research and and Behavioral Design study. Within a year of publication, Octalysis was organically translated into 16 languages and became required literature in Gamification instruction worldwide.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is design that places the most emphasis on human motivation in the process. In essence, it is Human-Focused Design (as opposed to “function-focused design”).

Gamification is the craft of deriving all the fun and engaging elements found in games and applying them to real-world or productive activities. Click To Tweet

Gamification is the craft of deriving all the fun and engaging elements found in games and applying them to real-world or productive activities. This process is what I call “Human-Focused Design,” as opposed to “Function-Focused Design.” It’s a design process that optimizes for human motivation in a system, as opposed to pure efficiency.

The challenges with Function-Focused Design

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My NFT Platform will mint in 19 hours. Reserve before that for 50% off minting

Become part of something Timeless 

Have you ever thought about encountering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities? Those opportunities at your doorstep that you might regret 30 years later for not taking?

As an esteemed author that sold over 100K books and a handful of billionaire readers – as well as a designer that has empowered over 1 Billion user experiences – I certainly had no shortage of exciting opportunities in my life (a couple of them nation-changing).

But when my long-time friend from Google, Jun Loayza, reached out to me about this Metablox Concept, I felt this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and immediately jumped on it.

So, is this the opportunity that will make you rich in 4 months? NO – if that’s what you want Metablox is not what you are looking for.

This is an opportunity to be part of an ecosystem to preserve humanity’s most important memories onto the blockchain, so they don’t live on a single server like Google Photos/Drive or Dropbox. 

It’s an opportunity to turn every location in the real world into a historical site or a museum so our important memories will carry on to generations to come.

Minting on May 23rd 6AM Pacific (less than 18 hours away)

After 6 months of extraordinarily-hard work, including building a full game mechanics platform and becoming officials partners with Polygon, we are finally ready to launch our Metablox Minting tomorrow for San Francisco and Miami – with Singapore and New York coming shortly after.

Minting can be done with Debit Card (recommended for those who don’t have Crypto/MetaMask experience) or MATIC/Polygon via MetaMask (for more advanced users)

If you feel that at some point in your life you might want to own Metablox NFT, here are a few reasons why reserving Blox on our platform before our minting begins would be a pretty smart thing to do:

1) Reserving a Blox ensures that the location you care about (meaning) or with high growth potential (value) cannot be taken by anyone else within 48 hours of minting. It would just be yours alone. 

2) Reserving a Blox ensures that the mint price will always be Phase 1 pricing. In our game mechanics, every 10% ownership of a city, the mint price will increase by 50%. But for the property you have reserved , it will always be the base lowest price ($100-$300 per Blox depending on Tier). Even if you missed your reservation, you might still want to mint on Day 1 because after a few days minting could become 150% ^ x higher.

3) Reserving a Blox actually will earn an additional 50% discount off the base lowest price. Due to the recent decrease of the crypto market, to show appreciation for our reservations holders that have been with us since January, we decided to cut all minting for reservation holders by half to factor in potential weaker buying power. This means the $100-$300 per Blox will decrease to $50-$150 ONLY for those who reserved a Blox before the minting 18 hours from now. 

The only catch here is that each person can only mint 3 Blox before the normal mint phase begins.

Influencers resonate with our mission

Metablox is all about preserving meaningful memories to a location (Blox NFT) forever on the blockchain. Some influencers who care about Metablox and have uploaded their Memories into Metablox (private beta) include:

Hofit Golan (3.1M Followers) | Check out her memory on Metablox
Natalia Amaya (100K Followers) | Check out her memory on Metablox
Katerina & Yinon Horwitz (560K Followers) | Check out their memory on Metablox

We think these meaningful memories will become more and more valuable as time goes by – which is proven by historical landmarks and museums in the real world.

You’ll also get to experience probably one of the top Game Loop / Tokenomics Designs in the world by me, while making history together as a Memory Creator and Memory Curator of our precious real world.

So what now?

If you have already made 1-3 reservations on Metablox, here are a few tutorials to prepare for minting.

Important: All reservation holders get a 50% discount during the Reservation Minting Phase (which lasts 48 hours after launch).

Here are the Minting tutorials

  1. Get ready to Mint: Bridge ETH to MATIC
  2. Get ready to Mint: Minting tutorials
  3. How to Mint your reserved Blox

I hope you join alongside me and thousands of others to become a neighbor in Metablox so we can make history together!

Thanks and God Bless,
Yu-kai Chou
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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Predrag Stefanovic

Many people are motivated to grab a bite to eat at a fast-food restaurant. Working in this industry, on the other hand, can in many cases use some more Human-Focused Design.

In this submission for the Octalysis Level 1 Certificate, Predrag takes a close look at working for the restaurant chain Duff.

Predrag made sure to cover the Human-Focused Design aspect of this submission. He added many funny images that help to keep the reader’s motivational energy high.

Congratulations, Predrag. Well done!

Thanks a lot, Dirk, Myrte for the great news. I am very grateful and happy for this achievement.

Predrag Stefanovic

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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Rodrigo Richter

Rodrigo is a passionate Octalysis Primer, passionate about his Pilates Studio in São Paulo, and passionate about earning his Octalysis Level 1 Certificate!

Check out yet another inspiring ‘offline’ experience!

Rodrigo put a lot of thought into defining the Business Metrics. This is a key foundational step in any gamification design. Pay attention to the details in the wording.

Congratulations, Rodrigo. Onwards to Level 2!

I’m very happy and would like to thank every one who dedicated time to read, to answer me and to give me very good and professional feedback without losing the humane part. Thank you very much!

Rodrigo Richter

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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Dustin Lehr

Cyber Security is increasingly important. Unfortunately, for many, the training to keep up-to-date with cyber security best practices is not very engaging.

If it is up to Dustin, that is about to change!

Make sure to Check out Dustin’s Player Type analysis.

Congratulations, Dustin. Well done!

Awesome!  Thanks @Dirk and @Sergio for taking the time to go over my resubmission.  Your feedback is very insightful and I learned a lot by going through it. 

I’ll continue to work on improving my Octalysis skills! ‘

Dustin Lehr

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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Joel Schmidt

Here we have another great example of how Gamification can be applied to a non-digital experience.

Joel found many things that could be improved at his driving learning centre in Germany. He successfully used that energy to create a submission for the Level 1 Octalysis Certificate!

Especially the Brainstorming is worth taking a look at. Many of Joel’s ideas build on each other and strengthen each other, which is crucial for creating a synergetic user experience.

Congratulations, Joel. Well done!

I want to thank Yu-kai Chou for the knowledge you spread through the Octalysis Island. It’s a great honor for me to be able to learn from your content.

Joel Schmidt

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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Arsham Navid

When most people hear the word Gamification, they think of apps that attempt to turn boring things into a game. While digital experiences do lend themselves well for engagement design, the realm of Gamification expands far beyond your phone and your computer.

We love how this is reflected in the wide range of topics that are chosen for the Octalysis Certificate submissions.

Learning in Octalysis changed my way of thinking.

Arsham Navid

Arsham‘s submission covers the user experience of a local coffee shop! Take a look at his – beautiful – presentation for inspiration on how to analyse and improve the user engagement of a non-digital experience.

After receiving feedback on his first submission, Arsham came back for round two and delivered! His submission is now one of our favourite examples for the Octalysis Level 1 Certificate.

Congratulations, Arsham. Great job.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.  I am grateful for your positive response.  I have enjoyed receiving tips and instructions from you during this project.

Arsham Navid

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Learning with Games

Why Game Based Learning and Learning Games are essential

A baby Learning through games with the piano.

Humans have an innate desire to learn. Learning is one of our most fundamental activities. In fact, when things become too easy and no more learning opportunities are there, it becomes boring.

Playing Games become boring when you can't learn how to improve, like Tic-Tac-Toe

We don’t like to learn from long lectures or huge paragraphs of text. They learn from 3 ways:

  1. They learn from trial & error.
  2. They learn from watching other people do it.
  3. They learn from Stories

1) They learn from trial & error.

Primitive times - people

Imagine at primitive times – people just figuring how a stick works, or inventing the wheel – the process of trying things, seeing it work or fail, and then iterating, is very engaging.

2) They learn from watching people do it

We like to learn from watching other people do the activates. If they succeed, we are happy for them. But when they fail, our brains take special notice.

This is likely why we think it’s funny when people something stupid and hurt themselves – our brains want us to take special attention to this event by making it pleasurable.

We would even want to tell this #fail activity to our friends so we could all laugh at it. It’s not just about being morbid, it is a survival trait that uses joy to spread important lessons (much like gamification and learning with games)

3) They learn from Stories

Even when we are listening through long monologues, we feel immersed when it is in story form, with people we care about, and events that surprise us. Think about times when people in a village sit around the campfire and listen to the elder talk about experiences and adventures he had in his youth. Our brains are fully engaged, and we likely learning all the lessons.

The relevance of of Educational Games

These are the 3 ways our brains like to learn. But what shook up the system is that the things we have to learn in the past century became dramatically more complex – things like advanced mathematics, philosophy etc.

Unfortunately, the technology to deliver the education was always stuck at the same place – we rely on pen and paper, and to some extent powerpoint. And therefore, the tools we have failed at engaging our brains to learn the most important things in life.

This is where educational games and learning games come in place.

The opportunity of Learning Games

Because of new gaming technology, for the first time in history, students can now learn through

1) Trial & Error by playing and replaying through the game

2) Watch other students and players play the game and learn from that

3) Instead of listening to a story, they actually become part of the story.

And this is why Educational Games are so impactful.

Nowadays you will find a variety of stellar learning games and educational games for every grade level that teaches all sorts of topics in a classroom, including math, science, research, writing, and language.

This helps educators and students grown and learn in schools and classrooms. Some even help engage parents to become of the interplay between the teachers and the children.

No longer would kids need to deal with boring school skills and tests, but students become excited through the gamified class that now involves teamwork and gameplay.

Every classroom can now help students through learning from games and math to achieve maximum fun.

This will help them become excited in school, while succeed in the fields of math, science, language, and more.

Educational games and learning games makes learning amazing for teachers and students alike.

In order to progress in our skills, free our knowledge, focus on distance learning, and support our assignments and scores, educational games are definitely the best way to go.

Of course, the big question is what Educational games to use and discover, so that students and teachers can both growth and have fun together while improving their skills.

For that, check out my others posts, such as Top Ten Learning Games For Kids.