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The Convergence of Ecommerce & Web3 Gaming: BLOOM

digital convergence model by yu-kai chou

The Digital Convergence Model

The Digital Convergence Model is one of my highest level frameworks that I first presented at the HarvardXR 2023 conference, and later prepared it for the President of Kazakhstan. Within it has three pillars and one roof: Gamification, which stands for Engagement; Metaverse, which stands for Immersion; Web3, which stands for Value; and finally AI, which stands for automation.

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Web3 within the Digital Convergence Model: storing and transferring Value

Web3 is utilizing blockchain technology to store and transfer value. This is a great use case for eCommerce as cryptocurrency, by its name, is something that empowers trading and commerce. However, the most interesting value I find is utilizing blockchain technology in gaming. 

Gaming, while engaging, often does not result in long-term IRL value after one moves on to another game (besides the “friendship we make along the way” cliche 🙂 ). However, with Blockchain and Web3 technologies, you could gain cryptocurrency and NFTs while playing a game, creating long-term extrinsic value. 

Yes – you heard that right. Extrinsic value, not intrinsic value. Web3 is about making sure that extrinsic motivation, and hence justification, can be achieved while people enjoy the intrinsic fun of games. Many Web3 projects out there assume that the Web3 components by themselves could be engaging enough for long term usage, but they failed to have an engaging immersive (that’s the Metaverse side of the Digital Convergence Model!) experience, so people burn out.

As a result, the perfect Web3 experience would utilize components from gaming, ecommerce, as well as blockchain technology.

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BLOOM: The Darling of Solana

I believe that a big part of our future with digital interaction depends on public ledgers, seamless peer-to-peer financial relationships, and tokenized experiences that transform how we interact with the digital world.

In my previous blog post, “The NFT I Believe In,” I talked about NFTs being valuable because of three Core Drives in the Octalysis Framework: Scarcity (Core Drive 6), Meaning (Core Drive 1), and Community (Core Drive 5). That is when I introduced my own blockchain museum project to preserve humanity’s most important memories onto the blockchain. 

Today, I want to introduce you to another fascinating aspect of NFTs that has captured my attention and that of big companies that decided to partner up with them like Amazon, Solana Labs and 1Kin. Gamified everyday utility, this is where BLOOM comes into the picture.

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The Rise of BLOOM

BLOOM is a groundbreaking game that is reshaping the landscape of gaming for both adults and marketers. It’s a platform that integrates real money gaming and branded mini-games, creating an immersive experience that is as educational as it is entertaining.

What sets BLOOM apart are two revolutionary aspects that have garnered the attention of industry titans such as Amazon, Solana Mobile, and Solana Labs.

Gameshift by Solana Labs is excited to push forward the use cases of Real Money Gaming with an innovative project that understands their vision, a project like BLOOM can help propel Solana blockchain to the mass adoption that they’ve been actively pushing for.

With Wal-Mart partnering with Unity for “in-game shopping experiences” we can already tell games and e-commerce are about to collide, BLOOM and Amazon share the same vision and will be releasing exciting proposals deployed on both the blockchain and the general public.

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Real Money Web3 Gaming

Imagine a live-action game where you can wager tokens and currency based on your style and risk tolerance. BLOOM brings this concept to life, allowing adults to engage in high-stakes matches where they can win pools of prizes previously reserved for professional e-sports. This innovation transforms how seriously people take their gaming skills, introducing a thrilling new dimension to the gaming world.

NFTs within the BLOOM ecosystem empower players to customize their strategies and gain a competitive edge. Each match becomes a unique tactical battle, where planning and execution determine who walks away with the most tokens.

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Branded Mini-Games

BLOOM takes branded content to a new level with its innovative mini-games. Picture walking into a virtual mall where each store offers a game, and every game provides a chance to earn status, recognition, and tangible rewards. Players can win NFTs that are redeemable for real-world products, discounts, loyalty points, and more.

This model not only enhances the gaming experience but also creates meaningful connections between players and brands. The thrill of earning real-life rewards from in-game victories brings a new level of excitement and relatedness to the BLOOM universe.

Gamification Framework

How BLOOM Utilizes the 8 Core Drives of the Octalysis Framework

BLOOM leverages the Octalysis Framework to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. Here’s how BLOOM integrates each of the 8 Core Drives:

  1. Epic Meaning & Calling (Core Drive 1): The BLOOM lore is an immersive story about protecting the future of decentralized finance and liberty through our everyday life and the future of gaming. The story tells that Abraxas, an AI from the future delivered the BLOOM whitepaper with a mission and purpose for every gamer to save the world from an IRL dystopian destiny. 
  2. Development & Accomplishment (Core Drive 2): Through a comprehensive leveling system and the ability to earn badges and rewards, BLOOM keeps players motivated by recognizing their achievements. Players can see their progress through leaderboards, their ownerships (accumulated inventory with real life perks) and milestones.
  3. Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback (Core Drive 3): BLOOM encourages creativity by allowing players to customize their gaming strategies and avatars. Real-time feedback during games helps players refine their tactics and improve continuously.
  4. Ownership & Possession (Core Drive 4): The integration of NFTs means that players own unique digital assets. These NFTs can be used, traded, or sold, giving players a tangible sense of ownership and control over their in-game possessions.
  5. Social Influence & Relatedness (Core Drive 5): BLOOM fosters a strong community through social features such as team challenges, social sharing of achievements, real money matches and interactive mini-games. The Discord channel and regular community events enhance the sense of relatedness among players.
  6. Scarcity & Impatience (Core Drive 6): Limited-time events and rare NFTs create a sense of urgency and desire. Players are motivated to participate in events and complete challenges to acquire scarce items.
  7. Unpredictability & Curiosity (Core Drive 7): BLOOM keeps players engaged with elements of surprise through mystery boxes, random rewards, and unexpected game twists. This drive to discover what’s next keeps players coming back.
  8. Loss & Avoidance (Core Drive 8): The risk of losing out on valuable rewards or missing limited-time events pushes players to stay active. This drive is particularly effective in real money gaming scenarios where stakes are high.
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Industry Impact and Recognition

Despite being an early-stage startup, BLOOM has already made significant strides. The team recently held an X space event with Magic Eden, a leading NFT marketplace in the Solana ecosystem, and the Solana Foundation. Following this event, they sold over $200K in USD in loot boxes on the blockchain, demonstrating the immense interest and potential of their innovative model.

The concept of real money gaming combined with branded experiences is gaining traction, and BLOOM is at the forefront of this revolution. It’s no surprise that BLOOM is being considered the first “SmartGame,” a term that perfectly encapsulates its groundbreaking approach to gaming and marketing.

BLOOM is a visionary platform that integrates the principles of the Octalysis Framework to create a deeply engaging and rewarding experience. By combining elements of Epic Meaning & Calling, Development & Accomplishment, Social Influence, and more, BLOOM offers a unique blend of entertainment and value.

As BLOOM continues to innovate and grow, it’s setting new standards in the gaming industry. The excitement around BLOOM is palpable, and it’s easy to see why this game is poised to become a significant player in the world of blockchain and real money gaming.

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Stay Updated with BLOOM

BLOOM is continually evolving, with regular updates to their browser-based game and website. I personally became so impressed with their vision and execution (instead of launching with a White Paper, they launch with a 3D Virtual FPS World), I decided to become an Advisor to their team. I look forward to playing BLOOM more myself, while watching other hardcore gamers rise through the ranks and gain potential life-changing rewards from it.

To stay informed about their latest developments, you could join their Discord channel and follow them on X.

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