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Hassle Free Steps On How To Setup Pinterest For Your Business

As Pinterest continues to grow in business relevance, a common question is how to setup Pinterest for your business. While a relatively easy process, businesses can benefit from following our easy, hassle free steps on how to setup and how to begin ‘pinning’ on your businesses Pinterest page.

1. Request an Invite

The first step to starting out on Pinterest is to ask for an account invitation.

Invitation waits vary, but most users will receive an invite within the first 24 hours if not sooner. While you wait, you can always explore others pins 🙂

2. Create your account

Once you get your invite, you will need to choose by which social account your Pinterest account will be connected too. Currently the two options you can choose from our Twitter and Facebook. If you do not have either, you cannot sign-up for an account.

After you select the social account which you want to connect with, you are able to create your account including selecting a username. If you are a business, use your business name for your username.

Whole Foods Market Pinterest page:

3. Get Pinning!

Now that you’ve created your Pinterest account, the next step is to start building your ‘brand.’

For a business, Pinterest is great because once something is ‘pinned,’ it will link back directly to the original posting.

When building out your wall, don’t just focus on pinning your own products. Pin other products that are relevant to your brand and industry. For example, if you are an Italian restaurant, pin not only your food, but also recipes, places in Italy and also things that inspire your dishes.

 4. Share and Interact

Remember how you linked your Facebook or Twitter account when you first setup your Pinterest? Share your Pinterest wall with your friends and community on your social networks to build up a following.

Similar to how you interact on Facebook and Twitter, comment, share, and Like others Pins to gain traction and grow your engagement.

5. Track Pinterest ROI/Success

After you’ve had a chance to setup your page and shared it, the next step is to begin measuring success. By success, we refer to if it can make a positive impact on your business. From sales to branding opportunities, every business will have different milestones.

One easy and simple way that every business can take advantage of is to use Google Analytics or another data analytics program such as Omniture, to track traffic that comes to your website via Pinterest. To learn more about setting up tracking, check out this step-by-step guide on setting it up Google Analytics.

Are you currently using Pinterest for your business? What are some best practices that you would share? Let us know in the comments below.

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