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RewardMe Infographic Friday: How To Take Advantage of Receipt Surveys

Prior to mobile surveys and some of the innovative ways of capturing customer data, restaurants and businesses used customer receipts as a way to gather customer data. While some customers may never stop to even look at their receipts, for those that do, they may find themselves with a free Whopper from Burger King or even a discount code for Old Navy.

Using receipt surveys, businesses are able to capture information on users that have completed a transaction. Unlike surveys that might poll consumers and customers who may never have purchased anything, receipt surveys guarantee that the customer has spent money with them. For a business, the data and feedback that the user leaves behind is equal if not more valuable than the ‘perks’ and free products that they give away.

Check out this handy infographic on how to take advantage of receipt surveys as well as what some big brands incentivize their customer with:

Infographic credit to lemon

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