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Update of My Life July 21st, 2007

So due to extreme busy-ness, I have not been able to update my blog regularly on a lot of meaningful analysis of society and entrepreneurship as planned, but at least I’ll update on what’s going on in my life. Right now my life is divided into a 7 areas: 1. FD World(Venture), 2. Facilitator for a powerful Think Tank, 3. Co-Founder of the Veridical Group(consulting firm) 4. Vice President of Professional Activities in Delta Sigma Pi(Business Fraternity) 5. Lead Advisor of the Board in Bruin Consulting, 6. Personal Development and Expression, 7. School and maybe GMAT.

1. FD World is a Virtual World model that aims to make THIS world more productive and people more successful, which is the opposite of the escapism purpose in other virtual worlds used in the entertainment industry.

2. The Think Tank is a group of highly intelligent(hmm…and good looking) people each with their own specialty and resources/connections to collaborate with ideas and create synergies in influence towards Green Campaigns, social injustice and economics. With members like UC Student Regent D’Artagnan Scorza and Sustainability Expert and Activist Michael Cox, the Think Tank is capable of making changes throughout the UC System and the Government in implementing Green Regulations towards companies, and other “stuff.” I’m the facilitator of the group and I hope to create some value through this.

3. Helping out my great friend Jun Loayza in starting his Small Business Consulting firm, the Veridical Group. I am developing the business analysis system that I created, Octalysis, which will be the main framework for VG, and we already have 2 clients, and 3 more lined up.
4. I am going to reengineer the professional structure of my big family Delta Sigma Pi(Business Fraternity) as VPPA and enhance the already-impressive professional culture and brand name of the fraternity.

5. I will be the Lead Board Advisor of Bruin Consulting and work to preserve what the graduated founders have left for the next generation of the board. They are a strong group and I just have to make sure team morale is maintained and that “BC Magic” is still in the air.

6. Just reading up on business books(Married to the Brand and other Entrepreneurship Stuff), articles(Mckinsey Global Institute, Harvard Business Review…), podcasts, creating new relationsihps and strengthening old ones, and expressing myself/sharing knowledge through teaching and writing blogs like this one. I guess teaching chess is included in this section.
7. I’m taking 3 classes during Summer Session A and the second half I am moving back to Taiwan to put together my programming team and maybe take a GMAT course. I don’t know if an MBA would be greatly useful for my career path but it sounds like fun.

So far this has been my corrupted week since my Bulgarian friend from Kansas is visiting me and we are just having lots of fun at the Getty Villa, Santa Monica Beach, Universal Studios, Sea World, E3 Party and what not. We then are going to North Cal to attend an entrepreneurship conference in Stanford, along with Jun. I’ll meet up another great friend Alex Adams too, so that’s cool. Finally I need to spend less time with girls although the body is quite weak sometimes. We’ll see what happens.
Life is good and hopefully productive.

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