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Yu-kai Chou’s Gamification Workshop for Accenture (Slides)

(If you like this presentation, you’ll love my book: Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards. This book has sold over 100K copies and is referenced by over 2500 Ph.D. Theses and Academic Journals).

Accenture is now taking on the practice of Gamification

Few years ago, many companies still believed that Gamification was just a non-serious fad. Of course, these companies also paid big bucks to consulting firms like Deloitte and Accenture to help them streamline their operations and improve their profitabilities.

Now consulting firms like Deloitte and Accenture are also offering Gamification as one of their capabilities, showing that gamification – when done well – is valuable across the board.

Accenture GamificationWorkshop on Octalysis Gamification

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of doing a workshop for Accenture, teaching them my Octalysis Framework and how it pertains to good gamification design. It was hugely successful, and over 200 Accenture employees attended.

This workshop is a bit similar to the one I gave to eBay at the beginning of the year, but with more detail, better exams, and more execution flushed out of it. Of course, it includes my new learnings and growth throughout the year.

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  1. robpenner achintngm Yu-kai Chou  here is the reply from the ppl who maintain this platform..

    Thanks for these details. Just wanted to let you know we’re refining our action-detection system and by early February some core functions are entirely replaced – and these issues should be gone. For instance, user progress (badge progress) as of today is stored both locally and on server. With the launch of the new API, all data is stored on server only, making it it less likely for bugs/conflicts to happen and harder for users to possibly cheat. This is just one of the many changes we’re working on as we speak. Let’s be in touch and keep track of any problems. 
    Thanks,Ido “

  2. Bo Armstrong haha – not offended at all. I share my content fairly freely. The workshop mainly adds content that I verbally speak about. I go through a lot of examples to make things more concrete. But yea, if you spend the time and read through stuff on my site, you will get a lot of good information. Most people don’t spend the time so they just end up paying for a presentation that they can ask questions in (and sometimes I get them to do some exercises).

    Keep in mind, you could go through my entire site, listen through a 5 hour workshop, and even read through the entire book, and not have really “learned” enough to implement the best practices into your own project (of course you will be A LOT better than without). Like anything that has depth, it requires a lot of learning, practice, applying, and reapplying. 

    Many people who read my site a lot are still failing the most basic Octalysis 1 Certificates, with some misconceptions or again, what I call copying the “shell” instead of the essence of an experience design.

  3. Not to offend, but I feel like I can derive most of this presentation from what I’ve read on Octalysis and elsewhere on the rest of the site. The only part missing are Levels 4 and 5…

  4. congratulation! I think you’re the  king of gamification! I’m the second in the week leaderboard. May I have the password for the video? Thanks a lot!  Yu-kai Chou

  5. Yu-kai Chou achintngm hmm they must be propping in your book.. and it will be out of reach for most of Indian community, if you don’t come up with an Indian version of it..!!

  6. I keep seeing these various game techniques spread all across your site, is there any particular source where one can read all at one place?

  7. achintngm Hey Achint. These are valid points. I have adjusted the description above to make it hopefully a bit more clear. Also, I have decided that the Top 10 All Time, OR this Month, OR this week, will all qualify. So at any given time period, up to 30 people may qualify. So there you go 😉

  8. Yu-kai Chou already 2 or 3 comments made, and not getting an increase in points.. so still I am losing on the activity… 🙁

  9. Yu-kai Chou achintngm but the bad thing with these… weekly and monthly ranking is that, the old users, do not have much to gain. once the badges get unlocked, they lose the advantage, while new users get that. counted. So maybe, the all time ranking for top 20 or 30 will be much better.. IMHO..!!

  10. achintngm Haha, the rules are there to set a barrier. If everyone can easily get it, then even I myself will be too busy. 
    And the rules are based on Overall OR weekly rankings. This week you are ranked #2, so there you go! You qualify 😉 
    I will send you the link via Facebook.

  11. The rules are too complicated.. but anyways.. I am top user 13.. can unlucky for few number holder… have the video link please..

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