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FINALLY! Beginner’s Guide to Gamification (21 of 90): Discovery Phase

Full year of hiatus for gamification videos

It’s been a full year after since I have my beginner’s guide to gamification videos. I have been mostly working on finishing my book, dealing with client projects, and expanding my international brand. I did, however, make 10 Gamification Videos in a similar fashion for Captain Up called the Engaging Website Design Series.

Someone also informed me about a mistake I made regarding the Keyword game on Episode 20, so I have corrected that.

Discovery Phase in the 4 Experience Phases of a Player’s Journey

In this video, we talk about how to apply the 8 Core Drives into the Discovery Phase of a Player’s Journey. This includes footages from California, Norway, Poland, Bali, Hawaii, Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea, Czech Republic, and more!

Soon introducing a Premium Subscription Plan

I explain in my video how much of the video content will be locked behind a wall soon. This will be rolled out with the biggest project I am working on called Octalysis Prime. It will launch first with a Kickstarter, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy the video!

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