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6 Octalysis Prime Members in Guru Top 100

Every  month, Rise Global calculates and publishes the Top Gamification Gurus. See full list here.

Exciting news! 9 members of Octalysis Prime made the Top 100,  with Yu-kai taking #1.

Members include Ercan Altug Yilmaz, An Coppens, Rob Alvarez Bucholska, Joris Beerda, Sabrina Bruehwiler, Albert Van Der Meer, Tiago Marinho Sizenando, and Mike Finney!

This news comes just after the news of Yu-kai’s strong performance in the UK Gamification conference, where he was voted #1 Gamification Guru by his peers.


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2 responses to “6 Octalysis Prime Members in Guru Top 100”

  1. Erik =) Great Article – as always!
    BUT!! This seems a very centralised leaderboard…
    Noone from Russia – this may not be truth… By saying “centralised” I mean – that there is too much information to study my rating creators – who shared what – how much tweets and ETC.
    For sure Yu-kai is #1, but what abput others in the field… Top 100 could look better.
    I mean – maybe Octalysis will create their own rating, based on, let’s say blockchain?

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