The Web3 Metaverse and how it will change everything

The Web3 Metaverse presented by PapaFear Gaming

Recently, in behalf of my consulting work at HTC VIVE, I have been collaborating with many content creators and influencers in the VR/AR/Metaverse/Gaming/Web3 Space.

One of the very awesome content creators I collaborated with is PapaFear Gaming, a Youtuber that has around 600,000 Subscribers on Youtube (and formerly had another Youtube Channel with over 1 Million Subscribers).

I highly recommend you to check it out!

The Web3 Metaverse presented by Cas and Chary 

Another amazing explainer on the Web3 Metaverse – albeit with a very different tone and style, is from Cas and Chary.

They create some of the best content on Youtube regarding VR/AR, and have some of the highest engagement rates ever!

I also highly recommend checking them out!

Your kids don’t want to watch TV — they want to work!

On Sunday morning, my family got together at my mom’s house to eat brunch. My dad and brother brought steaks, my mom made some scrambled eggs and waffles, and my wife made her famous roasted potatoes and avocado toast. Each family member planned to contribute to the brunch.

My kids on the other hand were goofing off in the living room while the prep work for cooking was taking place.

My 5yo approached me, “Papi, can I watch silly Muppet Babies?”

“Hah!” I laughed. “Now is not the time for TV. Now is the time to make brunch! Look how everyone is contributing to the family brunch. Grab your sister and let’s get to work.”

Eagerly, the 5yo grabbed the 3yo and came to the prep table. I assigned them the following tasks:

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Problem: I got scammed on Twitter but Twitter won’t allow me to report it

I debated for a long time whether I should write this blogpost – because as a reputable known person, it’s extremely embarrassing. I had a lapse in intelligence and suffered humiliation and financial loss because of it.

However, I decided to write this because that’s how the Twitter Scammers get their way – people are too embarrassed to call them out so they keep scamming.

I wanted people who follow my work to avoid making idiotic mistakes that I make and prevent this terrible experience that I went through. So here you go:

Here’s the story of how I got scammed for the first time in my life (after fending off dozens of scammers), and the heartbreaking fact that Twitter wouldn’t even allow me to report the scammer (and hence, the scammer is still out there scamming people before my eyes).

Specifically, I got scammed by a person pretending to be a reputable YouTuber on Twitter and lost $400 as I pulled the plug right before losing more.

This post about the Twitter Scammer is broken into three sections:

  1. How I got scammed
  2. Why I couldn’t report this on Twitter
  3. Some lessons to avoid being scammed in the future

The pandemic of Twitter Scammers

Twitter scams are quite common. The fact that people can change their Twitter Handles and IDs very easily – while useful – also leads to scammers constantly changing their identities while having an account that seems to be long lasting and credible.

There’s also a ton of bots on Twitter, which allows fake profiles to look like they have a lot of followers. This is the reason why Elon Musk recently withdrew from his offer to buy Twitter.

But the craziest thing is, after an hour of trying, there is no valid way to report a scammer on Twitter (only other things), until I finally gave up.

Without anything else I could do while knowing that this Twitter Scammer is scamming other people constantly even right now, I decided to write this blogpost.

How I dodged a Blue Check Twitter Scammer

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How to get siblings to stop fighting by emphasizing maturity

You give your younger child some strawberries.

“I want strawberries too!” shouts the older child.

You give your older child some strawberries.

“Her strawberries are bigger than mine!” screams the older child.

This dynamic between siblings can be incredibly frustrating. In my conversation with Michaeleen, author of Hunt, Gather, Parent, she admits that the topic of siblings can be a whole other book of its own. It’s funny because Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish expressed a similar statement in their book Siblings Without Rivalry (which is an amazing book as well).

So how can we get siblings to cooperate instead of compete?

It all start with Responsibility.

If a child is acting out, don’t punish, give them more responsibilities

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GRACE Parenting: How to use a knife to teach kids Autonomy and Confidence

It was 7:30am. I was getting breakfast ready and the 5-year-old was sitting on the couch reading a book.

Suddenly she plopped down on the couch and exclaimed, “I’m bored.”

First and foremost, it’s ok for kids to feel boredom. Actually, it’s beneficial. But often times parents see this as a requirement of their attention. A parent will drop everything that they’re doing in order to entertain the kid, or likely, just turn on the television and let YouTube entertain them. I know I’ve been guilty of this.

But let’s flip the script. Instead of seeing boredom as something bad, let’s see it as an opportunity for something good.

In this case, I was getting breakfast ready, so I let the 5-year-old know, “if you’d like, you can help me make the smoothie.”

Examine how I carefully worded my statement, “if you’d like.” It’s not a demand — it’s an invitation.

A demand won’t work in this instance: Do our demands really work on children? Do our threats actually get our children to willingly and happily comply? If I want my child to brush her teeth, should I threaten her to do it right now “or else”, or should I let her know that her toothbrush is hungry and it wants to eat the germs on her teeth?

Because I didn’t word it as a demand, the 5-year-old eventually sat up and waddled over to the kitchen island.

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GRACE Parenting: I let my daughter scoot to grandma’s house all alone 😱

Inspired by Michaeleen Doucleff’s book, Hunt, Gather, Parent, and the show Old Enough on Netflix, I decided to teach my 5-year-old how to scoot to grandma’s house independently.

I would never do this as a Parent in SF

My wife and I lived in San Francisco for 13 years, 5 of them with kids. I’ve dreamed about teaching my kids autonomy by letting them walk to school more independently, but it never felt safe because of the homelessness and general crime in SF.

Our school was only a 10-minute walk from our home. I truly believe that if she had to, our 5 year old could have made the walk.

To practice, I would bike the girls to school, park at the street corner, and encourage them to walk to the school gates by themselves. It was slow going.

At first they didn’t want to. After a few days they walked a few steps. Then a week later they made it halfway. All the while, I made sure to let them know, “Practice makes better. You’ll make it further little-by-little each day. Don’t feel rushed. Take your time and you’ll get there.

Important: Kids mature at different paces. It’s more productive to encourage and let them know that they’ll do it when they’re ready as opposed to forcing kids to do something. In this example, if I had forced them to walk to the gate, they would have resisted harder and probably developed a fear of walking independently.

For many reason, my kids never made it by themselves to the gate.

But we soon moved to the suburbs and my chance to teach autonomy through independent walking was reborn.

A parent’s worst fear: abduction

In Julie Lythcott-Haims’ book How to Raise an Adult, the opening pages describe a scene that is a parent’s worst nightmare. A mother left her child alone in the mall in order to do some shopping. The child was abducted and killed.

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Yu-kai Chou interview with PapaFear Gaming VR on Metaverse and Web3

Metaverse, Web3, and VR Influencers for HTC VIVE

As a former Chief Experience Officer with the Cofounder of Ethereum Anthony Di Iorio as well as former Head of Creative Labs/Digital Commerce for HTC, Yu-kai has had a lot of experience and exploration into the upcoming Metaverse.

Yu-kai even started his own Web 3 project (own digital real estate that represents real world locations and level them up with real world locations) – join our Discord here!

Here he interviews one of the most influential Youtubers in VR and Gaming – PapaFearGaming VR!

PapaFearGaming not only is edging towards a million Subscribers on Youtube, he actually had another previous channel that had over a million Subscribers.

Watch as he explores what is the future of the Metaverse (as well as the VIVERSE), Web3 and VR/AR with Yu-kai Chou.

Check out an older interview between Yu-kai and PapaFear earlier!