Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Thorsten Niemeyer

Thorsten Niemeyer joined Octalysis Prime only three months ago from Germany.
He already hosted a successful Monday’s Mini Challenge. The Monday’s Mini Challenge are weekly Challenges we offer to our exclusive Slack community to put their knowledge into practice, train, provide and receive feedback.

In June this year, Thorsten will start fulltime in gamification:
His mission is to make real life as playful and engaging as our favorite games. He does this by leveling up the joy and engagement of the heroes that make up a company, and of customers and clients.

This is not the end of his long list of recent achievements. Thorsten also belongs to the group of Octalysis Primers who have not only attained their Octalysis Certificate, but have attained it in one try.

This submission covers the user experience of AnkiDroid, a flashcards app to help with studying. The design of the app is very minimalistic, so Thorsten took on the challenge of making the experience more engaging while keeping the design slim.

Thank you very much for your extensive and valuable feedback and the certification! I’m super happy to have earned it. I will definitely make use of this well!

Thorsten Niemeyer

Congratulations Thorsten! Your growth is impressing and we are sure to be hearing of you in the future!

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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Eva Deutsch

Primers on Octalysis Prime often times are very successful in their work or business already. Take Eva Deutsch with 20 years of consulting background who owns the independent game design and development studio BrainBrosia Entertainment.

BrainBrosia covers the entire range of game design, development, art/graphic, and production. While focussing mainly on mobile games, they developed for other platforms as well.
From this position, Eva decided to join Octalysis Prime to level up her skills even further.

Eva’s submission covers the MVP (minimal viable product) of a recruiting app that her company BrainBrosia is testing with medium-sized companies. The candidates go through a Story-driven Swiping app where they learn about the company while engaging with tasks related to the new job.

Eva took the feedback on her first submission to heart, and delivered a great resubmission qualifying for the Level 1 Octalysis Certificate. Congratulations, Eva. Well deserved.

Thanks for your profound feedback. I have tried to include everything you suggested (even have drawn all Octalysis frameworks and redraw slides for transparency).

Eva Deutsch

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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Ashley Nielsen

One of the most rewarding things about the Octalysis Certification process is seeing people learn and progress with feedback. Ashley is a good example of someone who learned a lot in little time.

For her Octalysis Certificate submission, Ashley tackled the Epic! children’s reading app. This app encourages children age 12 and under to read more books and allows teachers to track the activity of pupils.

Ashley also has her own Learning Architecture Consulting company. With a total of 20+ years of experience in the field of Education Design, Learning Architecture helps the best among educators and institutions to desgin educational processes that make their vision a reality. They create customized designs for each system of education.

After only one round of feedback, Ashley delivered a quality submission. Especially her Analysis of the Current Experience is worth taking a look at.

Congratulations, Ashley! Your Octalysis Certificate is well deserved.

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. I am slowly making my way through it and making improvements. This process is certainly clarifying many of the concepts. So glad I did it!”

Ashley Nielsen

Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Sufiz Mohd Suffian

Oftentimes, our Primers are learning Octalysis because they want to excel at their work. Like Sufiz Mohd Suffian. Sufiz has his own company, RecurConsult, a behavioral design and gamification consultancy that specializes in creating impactful experiences, and driving desired behaviors through design and engagement.

With RecurConsult, Sufiz has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Multinational Corporations, Local Conglomerates, Government Agencies, and SMEs across various industries, including human resources, retail, oil & gas, financial services, and more. Despite these accomplishments, Sufiz wants more and is a life-long-learner.
So Sufiz submitted for his Octalysis Level 1 Certificate.

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to earn this distinguished certificate. Even after being part of the gamification industry for several years now, I was still able to learn so much from this experience. I am excited to apply these valuable lessons to my own work and future projects.”

Sufiz Mohd Suffian

We were impressed with the growth Sufiz showed after the received feedback, as well as with his Brainstorming.

Congratulations, Sufiz! We hope to see more of you in the future.

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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Sébastien Dostie

Sébastien Dostie (LinkedIn) is one of the many people who attended the 2020 Behavioral Design Masterclass to up his Human-Focused Design skills.

As a part of the Masterclass, Sébastien decided to take it one step further and submit for his Octalysis Certificate. In his submission, Sébastien analyzed Hardbacon, a financial app from FinTech startup Hardbacon Inc. The app’s mission is to help the user take control of their personal finance.
Although Hardbacon is successful at presenting your financial status, Sébastien feels the app falls short in helping users control their finance by using the stock market.

Sébastien Dostie: “I believe that putting Hardbacon through the Octalysis lens has the potential to shine lights on how to improve the experience.”

Wow! Thank you for this new round of feedback. Makes me want to review it again as you bring very interesting questions and observations.

Sébastien Dostie

Well done on your submission and attaining your Octalysis Certificate, Sébastien. Congratulations!

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Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Jordan Rothenberg

In the summer of 2020 we had our first big Masterclass about Octalysis and Behavioral Design. This was in many aspects a big succes, one of the more important ways was the quality in Octalsis Certificate submissions from the Masterclass submissions we have seen.

Among them is Jordan Rothenberg. Jordan did his Octalysis submission about the 3-6 month performance-based onboarding curriculum for SFRS front-line customer service specialists at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Most submissions we receive cover apps or other digital products. Jordan chose an offline experience of Service Specialists in Training.
These SSTs attend training sessions, complete written and verbal tests, shadow current staff. They perform reverse shadowing, create personal cheat sheets by topic, andare evaluated against qualitative and productivity metrics.

This onboarding experience is so extensive, that is has all the Four Phases of Discovery, Onboarding, Scaffolding and Endgame in it.

Learning and applying this material was definitely a deep-dive and growth inducing experience.

Jordan Rothenberg

Congratulations Jordan! We are looking forward to your submission for a Level 2 Certificate.

Check out the Hall of Fame where we show every person who, through skill and hard work, attained their Level 1 and Level 2 Octalysis Certificate!

Monday’s Mini – Can We Feel Related to NPCs? 2/2

In our exclusive Slack community for Premium Primers, we offer the weekly Monday’s Mini Challenge.
The best way to learn is by putting your knowledge into practice. We created the Monday’s Mini Challenges to offer our Primers the chance to do this.

Monday’s Mini. One topic. Three questions. Many high-quality answers from our Primers.

Oftentimes when we think about Core Drive 5, we think about Social Influence, Relatedness, Social Pressure, Envy. We think about what we do based on what other people do, think, or say, about collaboration and competition. With humans.

But what about NPCs? What about animals? What about people that only exist in books, stories, movies?
This week we will explore a larger extent of Core Drive 5: Social Influence and Relatedness.

Question 3 – One of the low hanging fruits to improve a design, is to make it easy for users to show appreciation for each other. However, we can only motivate people, gently nudge them in the right direction, we cannot control them. Do you think we can use things we can control (e.g. NPCs, the companion on the Island, a chatbot…) to achieve (partly) the same effect. Motivate your answer.

Thorsten Niemeyer shares his own experience with Witcher 3 and how NPCs motivated him through CD5.

“Appreciation from an NPC, you companion can definitely motivate you, and I think the more it is individualised the better.
So like in video games where you grow to like persons, prefer them over others, do things for them rather than others (Witcher 3 with all the different Relationships comes to my mind, where I for sure had some kind of social feelings for the characters, especially regarding how my interactions affected the relationship)
Another thing that I thought of was a bot that shows you around a game, platform etc. that shows you how to do things, drive actions, how to communicate with others. And there with the right kind of dialogue it could definitely invoke some CD5.
“Hey adventure let me show you around. Here you can chat with me, ah nice. If you post something others can like it. Here see you already got a like from me.”, even though knowing the first like is from a bot would at least I have the feeling do its part to motivate the user.”

Lucian Katzbach goes into detail about what would be necessary in order to have a NPC offer motivation through Core Drive 5.

“Yes, I think it’s possible. But hard to achieve since it must be vivid. The npc needs to have weaknesses or moods etc. But they need additionally enough CD7 but still needs to be in context. All this makes it hard. One example might be the app Replika.”

Colin Hahn is brainstorming for automated coaching tools.

“I’ll say yes. The scenario I’m thinking about is automated coaching tools. I’ve personally found that messages from those bots can tap into that social experience. From a motivation perspective, I’ve felt like that technique works better when:
– The bot has a “personality” – that creates some CD3 and CD7 which makes me interested in what the bot will say, instead of just expecting a rote explanation
– The bot customizes the messages for me – there’s probably a combination of CD4 Alfred Effect, CD3, and CD 7 involved when the bot asks, e.g., why I care about the goal and then uses that language in future reminders
– The bot connects me with other users; I’ve seen some bots use CD5 social anchoring to say “85% of your peers did ABC, you should too!””

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