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Invest in Your Skills: Octalysis Prime 58% Off for 3 days 

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Have you ever thought about how to change the world? What about fulfilling your life with meaning and purpose?

In order to change the world, you need three things:

1) The skills to impact and motivate others 
2) The drive to stop procrastinating and do things that make a difference
3) The right connections and a community that can support you towards success.

Octalysis Prime offers you all three of these critical components.

You’ve probably heard of my story before. I started off as an avid gamer who was pretty lazy and had no discipline (could be gaming for 11+ hour straight and then binge watch Netflix for another 7 hours). 

That’s why I figured out a system to break down the secrets of how the brain works and how to motivate myself and others towards important activities.By turning my life into a game, I was able to transform my life and designed experiences that impacted a billion users, as well as made my first million dollars when I turned 30 years old. 

I was also invited to teach my methodologies at Stanford, Yale, Oxford, Tesla, IDEO, BCG, LEGO, etc.That’s why I created Octalysis Prime – to share those techniques to those who want to learn it (companies are literally paying me $20K/workshop to just learn a fraction of what I have here on OP. Feel free to ask for proof).
Now you may already know that Octalysis Prime Premium is a $50/mo Membership with a $400/yr option. Some long-standing Members have been here for many years. But 1-2 times a year we do a promotion where Members could get a Yearly Plan for just $250 (instead of $400 or $600 if paid monthly).

I’ve often compared Octalysis Prime to a university program but at 3% the price. Coincidentally there was an OP Member who shared that going through one of the Learning Paths on OP was more valuable than her 2-year MBA program (she actually complained why was it so hard to find the Learning Path…we’re working on better UI).

$250 to acquire life changing knowledge and have concrete upgrades to your life is likely a worthy investment. The earlier you start the sooner you can begin getting compound dividends through everything you do.

What proof do we have that Octalysis Prime works? Well, did you know that 8 out of 10 gamification consultants/designers my company The Octalysis Group recruited in the past three years came out of the Octalysis Prime program?

Octalysis Group consultants literally are the best people that I put in front of his clients, including Porsche, Uber, LEGO, Microsoft, Salesforce, Mastercard, Walgreens and more (charging $120K – $200K for the skills they learned from OP). 

Here’s a fun video of our annual Octalysis Group retreat 2021 in Colombia, and each TOG Consultant was labeled when they joined OP. Sorry…since there’s a lot of programs out there that make up random stuff, I wanted to make sure all my claims are specific and can be verified.

If the Octalysis Prime Program didn’t work, either I would not have hired them, or my consulting/design business would have fallen apart instead of becoming more prominent year after year.

Here’s again some of the things you get when you sign up to Octalysis Prime:Unlimited access to 900+ exclusive videos covering the fundamentals of Octalysis Gamification – such as my $1000/person workshop on his Octalysis 5 Step Design methodology (this itself is 17 Hours worth of Content!).

Participation in weekly Live Coaching Sessions with Yu-kai, to ask him any question about your projects, your problems, or anything you would like feedback on (wireframe designs, your website, economy spreadsheets).

Recently members have found it interesting to just have Yu-kai design and solve problems on the spot for them.

Your invitation to the Private Slack Community with hundreds of passionate and supportive members.

Gain Access to Yu-kai Chou’s Monthly Metablox Webinar

I host a monthly Webinar as a perk for my NFT Owners and Premium OP Members. Random people need to pay $500 to get in, but PREMIUM OP Members can just spend Chou Coins from Octalysis Prime to gain access each month.

The 1.5H Webinar will happen on June 12th (so less than a week away – don’t procrastinate!)

This month, our focus will be on “Designing Economies and Tokenomics: Balancing Short-term Incentives with Long-term Sustainability.”

You will get to delve into the labor x skill x luck formula as well as explore how to add Platform, Ecosystem, and World Utilities to an economy.

It’s a more-detailed extension of a speech I did at the HarvardXR 2023 Conference.If there’s extra time, we will open up the discussion to another exciting topic – Game Loop Design.

If you sign up to the Premium OP Annual Plan (either $250 now or $400 later), make sure you come participate in the Webinar!


Also participate in our bi-weekly OP Book Club, hosted by Primers for Primers.

Finally, annual subscribers will get the brand new Legendary Geomon 
Geokomata to boost your island experience. (You’ll find out what you can do with this Legendary Geomon when you sign-up, but normal OP Members only get a 0.2% chance of finding any Legendary Geomons).Geokomata actually has its own animated trailer too! Check it out on Youtube! 
In conclusion, after 20 years of upgrading myself and enjoying the journey, I’m convinced that Knowledge is Power, and Community provides Belonging.
Knowing how things work, how people think, and what to do has helped win wars and elections, obtain promotions, improved relationships, and created successful companies. (In fact, in a few weeks I’ll be visiting Ukraine and likely meeting President Zelenskyy to discuss how Octalysis can help rebuild Ukraine after the war)

Having a like-minded and empathetic community makes our journey more interesting, gives a sense of belonging, and makes us happier.

Now, I don’t believe in flashing Lamborghinis “here in my garage,” but I do believe in investing in myself. I’d rather buy boosters and powerups in my game of life instead of cosmetics and skins.

Compared to any investment instrument, I believe the biggest thing that has the most guaranteed life-time ROI is investing in YOURSELF. Everything you learn you will reap benefits from it your entire life with no risk to manage.

I created Octalysis Prime because I thought, “well, if someone as lazy as I am could achieve my goals with the right knowledge and methodology, I’m sure a lot more people can achieve their dreams if they had this same knowledge too.”
OP Risk-Free Guarantee
What if you don’t like OP? I’m quite confident that you will love the journey and tangibly improve your life if you engage with OP, so if you’re not satisfied just write to me or the community managers within 30 days and you can immediately get your money back. I don’t believe in taking peoples’ money if I am not providing excessive value in return.

I already invested half a million dollars of my own money to build Octalysis Prime because I believe in it and how it can transform peoples’ lives.

Now it’s your move.

Save 60% Off and Upgrade your OP Today (Ends Friday)

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