Habitica Challenge Design from Rob Alvarez Bucholska: Improving Habitica with Octalysis

In Spring 2017, The Octalysis Group opened a challenge to Octalysis fans and experts.

The challenge was to improve the design of popular productivity app, Habitica, using Octalysis.

Several of these designs were so strong we wanted to share them. Over the next few weeks, we will share some of the best designs.

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3 thoughts on “Habitica Challenge Design from Rob Alvarez Bucholska: Improving Habitica with Octalysis”

  1. Rob Alvarez Bucholska’s Habitica Challenge Design incorporating Octalysis and safety principles is a brilliant way to enhance user engagement and well-being on the platform. By integrating gamification elements, Habitica becomes even more effective in motivating positive habits. Additionally, the inclusion of coloring pages images from Depositphotos adds a creative and visually appealing dimension to the challenges, making Habitica a more enjoyable and holistic experience for users. Overall, this innovative approach aligns perfectly with Habitica’s mission of personal growth and self-improvement.

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