How to Build Game Loops, Part 1 of 4

yukai chou gamification

Yu-kai’s team at The Octalysis Group, which has worked with the likes of Lego and Volkswagen to create meaningful experiences for their customers, has learned from him about how to create Game Loops. Now you can too! Yu-kai built his career based off of a deep understanding of how games work. How they work from […]

Training the Stallion Mind to Unleash Creativity, Part 1 of 2

yukai chou gamification

Here is a training video from Octalysis Prime about creativity and developing your Stallion Mind for those of you who want to let the wild horse inside you run free to make yourself even more creative. Here is a partial excerpt from the video: Today we’re going to explore a topic, I call the stallion […]

Supercharging Employee Motivation

It has now become common knowledge that using Gamification in the workplace supercharges employee motivation significantly. We already shared some great ROIs from one of our award-winning applications earlier, here. We regularly achieve improvements in productivity and sales measurements of 60% and more. So Octalysis Gamification works. And HR (Human Resources) departments are taking notice. […]

How to use Gamification to Influence Your Friends

How to use Gamification to Influence Your Friends You can usually tell when someone is trying to persuade or influence you. However, I actually like the idea of being influenced or persuaded to do things that I want to do.  Is this true for you? In general, it feels good to be included in interesting, […]

Why Seller Motivation Needs a Makeover

This guest post was written by Jonathan Palay, Co-founder of CommercialTribe Why Seller Motivation Needs a Makeover From the time we entered the cognitive revolution in 70,000 BC, the human species set off on a more prosperous course, largely driven by our ability to work together.  So it should come as no surprise that sales can […]

Inbox Gambling: Why People (Not You, of Course) Really Live in Their Inbox

Inbox Gambling: Why People Really Live in Their Inbox (Hint: Gamification Example) You’re bored but you decide not to check Facebook for once. Congratulations on remarkable discipline. (Let’s face it, maybe  you were just scared of being frightened by another cat video.) Fortunately, your inbox is still ready and waiting. You hover your finger over […]

Using Epic Meaning to Fuel Consistent Progress on Goals

Is epic meaning necessary to progress on goals? How can you use it to drive consistent progress and results. Using Epic Meaning to Guide Your 2018 Goals Once you’ve made a list of goals, you need to go out and achieve them. Day after day. Usually, Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment is the motivating […]