7 Types of Leaders based on Vision, Execution, and Empathy

This article is written by Erik van Mechelen, based on the Octalysis framework by Yu-kai Chou and lessons from Octalysis Prime, a mentorship journey with Yu-kai Chou. So you want to be an effective leader. Maybe even a great one. It is a good thought, a great feeling. As a leader, you have the chance […]

Top 10 Mistakes I Made In My Life

The end of the year is a good time to reflect and learn. I’ve made many mistakes in my life. Some were more penalizing than others, and some may have cost me my company or set back years of my efforts. Fortunately, because I also did a few things correctly, I ended up okay. But these […]

A CEO’s account of how his Startup Failed (RewardMe)

A post that will cost me $25,000 (regarding how I lost $1 Million in Funding) This post has been long overdue. Partially it was because I felt rather embarrassed about the failed results of my startup Rewardme, and partially it was because I had been so busy growing my new business on my Gamification Framework […]

Black Hat Motivation within Fundraising (Gamification)

Black Hat Motivation within Fundraising (Gamification) (Below is a snippet of Gamification Book: Actionable Gamification – Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards. Please subscribe to the mailing list on the right to order the book when it launches. This post may be moved into a Premium Area after a certain period of time). In the realm […]

The Mysterious Case of the Startup CEO

What the **** is our CEO doing??? In the past 6 years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve had many small, private conversations with Startup CEOs, and I noticed a pretty interesting but common trend.  I initially thought this was more of a unique experience of my own and very few people had the same issue, […]

The First 90 Days of Being an Entrepreneur

  In most people’s minds, the hardest part about being an entrepreneur is starting. That’s actually not true. Starting is the easiest part and it just requires you to get off your butt and start doing things. You only think it’s the hardest part because that’s the part YOU are stuck on. For that reason, […]

Want a Real Life? Be an Entrepreneur

  Living the life of an entrepreneur is tough. You work your butt off and get paid almost nothing for years, and the chances are you will fail at the end. Living the entrepreneurial life is definitely not the “easy” life. However, in my opinion, it is the most fulfilling one. I believe that being […]