Microsoft SharePoint: How Gamification Might Improve Adoption Rates

The article is based on the Badgeville Webinar on Sharepoint. Click here to watch the original video. SharePoint – the Collaboration Platform SharePoint is a Web-base application platform developed by Microsoft to provide a number of functions and capabilities to promote collaboration between company employees and organization members. Since its introduction in 2001, continuous feature […]

Gamification Research: How FarmVille used Black Hat Motivation to drive short-term behavior

New to Gamification? Check out my post What is Gamification & my Gamification Framework: Octalysis Gamification Research on the Game you don’t want to play but have to play Most people know about FarmVille, either because they have played it themselves, or because they’ve been harassed by their grandmas to give their farms a nice virtual crop. FarmVille is […]

Top 10 Gamification Lessons Inspired by South Park

yukai chou gamification

The Genius of South Park So I’ve been aware of South Park for over a decade now, but I wasn’t a fan because I just thought it was just some potty-mouthed kids who cussed a lot and loved gory death scenes. I didn’t even think the kids had different personalities. However, last year my friends […]