Octalysis Budapest: Gamification and Behavior Design Workshop–Budapest, Hungary, April 13-15 2018

Octalysis Gamification Workshop

Yu-kai Chou was recently voted by his peers at the Gamification UK conference as Gamification Guru of the Year for 2017.

Yu-kai loves sharing knowledge about human-focused design encapsulated by the 8 Core Drives of Octalysis and helping experience designers use the Octalysis Strategy Dashboard, Power-Ease Feature List, and Battleplan to manage, design, and implement motivational design projects.

Another workshop is scheduled for spring of 2018 in Hungary! This workshop will once again share the outlines of  Octalysis before going into detail of applying Octalysis to workshop attendee projects.

Learn more about the Octalysis Gamification Workshop presented by Yu-kai Chou in Budapest, Hungary: http://octalysis-budapest.com/en/255-2/

Important Event Details

Date: 14-15 April 2018 (for VIP ticketholders, events begin  on April 13!

Early bird pricing  ends February 28, 2018

Venue: Lurdy Conference Center

Topic: Octalysis Gamification

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My talk at Google on Octalysis Gamification

My talk at Google on Octalysis Gamification

Earlier I had the pleasure to do a speech at Google regarding my work on Octalysis Gamification. It is probably the most complete 1.5 hour length content of my work (the next level up is my 4 hour Workshops, 3-Day Workshops, reading my book, and the upcoming Octalysis Prime.

For those who have already heard me speak many times and have read my book or blog posts, some new and interesting information make come in the form of the Q&A, at 1:19:40.


Epic Win! An ultra successful 3-Day Gamification Workshop Online!

One of the frustrations I have is that, in all my public speeches, since I can never assume the audience have previous knowledge of Octalysis, I always have to cover the fundamentals of gamification as a whole, Human-Focused Design, and the 8 Core Drives of Octalysis. As a result, I keep making similar talks over and over without being able to go in depth of unleashing the powers of the 8 Core Drives to improve peoples’ designs.

As a result, I started to do 3-Day (4 hours a day) online workshops with a variety of attendees from all over the world. I’m thinking about doing three to four of these a year, each being in a different time of the day so other continents can find a time to comfortably attend too.

We recently just finished the first European/US time zone focused 3-Day Online Workshop, and it was a tremendous success! Over 40 people took part in this great journey of learning and applying the 8 Core Drive, Octalysis Strategy Dashboard, and creating Concept Wireframes towards their own projects.

A few have already written to me about how taking the workshop has changed the way they do things with a lot of results. An attendee from South Africa even gave a very generous testimonial too:

 “So I would like to let Yu-Kai and all of you know that one of the companies that I work for has  already been transformed thanks to the Strategy Dashboard. Our projects have a much better  direction, we have found new ways to monitor the projects as well as monetize them. Our designers  love it as it has helped them design more focused interfaces with direct links to the actions we want  to encourage….the CEO is itching to get on the next course as well. So Thank you Yu-kai Chou You have truly helped me.” -Ryan Julyan, Former Workshop Attendee 

Quick Summary of the 3 Day Gamification Workshops

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An Advanced Octalysis Gamification Workshop For Europe and the US

Yu-kai speaking at TedXLausanneAfter a Tremendously Successful Full-Day Octalysis Workshop, over 40 gamification enthusiasts became equipped and excited to implement great gamification design into their own world-changing projects. However, we have received feedback that the intensive 9-hour workshop was not only too short (shock!), but the time-zone made it extremely difficult for enthusiasts from other continents to participate in the full workshop (many attendees from Europe or India/Australia stayed up all night into the morning for the workshop). We also weren’t able to explore everyone’s personal projects in detail due to the tight timeline and the amount of information that was covered.

For this reason, we are launching a new set of workshops that are specifically catered to audience members from different continents, which are broken down into three 4-hour sessions in consecutive days, and options for people who want to just attend one over another. This event is specifically designed to cater to Europe time zones (works for US timezones as well).

(The 20% Off Tier V Early Bird Discount expires 9/24/2014!)

For Asia/Australia friendly time-zone workshops, click here

Testimonials from our last workshop’s awesome attendees

Overview of the Gamification Workshop

Set for October 7th-9th, this gamification workshop will focus on implementing great gamification design that drives numbers through using the Octalysis Framework.

I will focus on how to use the Octalysis Framework to design motivating experiences that bring out our 8 Core Drives to completely meet your business objectives, whether it would be to close quick sales, motivate employees, create obsessive users, or motivate yourself towards good habits. 

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Why Should I Sign Up For this Workshop?

You should take the workshop if you:

  1. Want to reduce your product-market-fit runway by half (very tangible for any company with a burn-rate)
  2. Have problems with retaining users at the onboarding process
  3. Are managing people that are not excited about doing their work
  4. Have customers who are not engaged in marketing materials
  5. Feel like you could use some extra motivation in your own personal improvement
  6. Want to incentivize veteran users to contribute to your ecosystem instead of leaving
  7. Want to be more persuasive in all types of communications


The Octalysis gamification workshop is broken down into three sections:

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