Simón Duque’s Habitica Design Challenge

Gamification Design Challenge for Habitica Simón Duque is a Colombian Industrial Engineer who’s not comfortable with the way the world works. Thankfully for him, Gamification came to his life on 2015 and gave him the tools to re-think the world he lives in. For more about Simón, see his credentials at the bottom of this post.  […]

5-Hour Workshop with eBay on eCommerce Gamification (Slides)

The King of eCommerce Gamification When people ask me, “What’s a good eCommerce Gamification example?” They often get surprised when I tell them “eBay.” ( is another great example with a very high value for 2 of the 8 Core Drives in Octalysis – guess which ones?). If you were to think of creating an […]

How Gamification can help you Get out of Bed by “Killing” Time

New to Gamification? Check out my post What is Gamification & my Gamification Framework: Octalysis Wake Up Gamification Gamification doesn’t always need to about Saving the World. Tired of waking up every morning? Is getting out of bed a drag? A Japanese company decided to add some Gamification into the process and make waking up Epic and Fun! They call […]

How Zamzee uses Gamification to make Running Around Epic

*New to Gamification? Check out my post What is Gamification & my Gamification Framework: Octalysis* Offline Gamification in Action A while ago, I covered the Playpump, which is a good example of how a physical product can use Gamification to create social good (and save millions of lives). Equally important in the developed world, is getting kids and adult […]

Focus – Flashlight vs Lasergun

Focus – Flashlight vs Laserbeam You will never win a battle if all you have is a flashlight and your enemies have laser guns. Focus.

5 Tips for creating a successful Social Networking Site

5 Tips to making a successful Social Networking Site 1. Users must feel part of the group – start niche 2. Create small actions that easily connect to one another – avoid the “now what moment” 3. Always notify users of changes – keep things fresh 4. Have Community Managers – make it social 5. […]