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Secret Power: The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group: another political conspiracy theory

Here comes another conspiracy theory that is getting a lot of attention. It basically is saying that Obama is a puppet of an elitest group called the Bilderberg Group and is planning to create a single world government that controls everything.

One of the latest “evidence” regarding this theory is that Obama has nominated Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a Bilderberg attendee, as the Health and Human Services Secretary.

What is The Bilderberg Group?

The Bilderberg Group is an unofficial annual invitation-only conference/forum of between 100-150 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in the fields of politics, business, and finance. The Bilderberg folks have been meeting once every 4 years and they have been doing it since 1954.

Recently conspiracy theorists claimed that because Obama’s campaign has a lot of people who are Bilderberg attendees, and so he himself is controlled by the Bilderberg Group. The biggest punch from that statement comes from a video called The Obama Deception.

Why Bilderberger?

The big issue about the Bilderberg Group is that it is completely secret. No reporters are allowed, the attendee list is not published, and there are no press releases that go in detail what they talk about. They probably believe in “What happens in Bilderberg stays in Bilderberg” more than our Vegas crazy friends. While keeping it secret is all warm and fuzzy, the world gets stressed about things like that. Powerful people gathering in secrecy is like a kid’s parents grouping together and whispering something in secret. They have a lot of power over the kid, and they don’t want the kid to know what they’re thinking.

Other conferences like Davos and Council on Foreign Relations are all quite transparent, unlike the stealthy nature of the Bilderberg Group. For this reason, the Bilderberg Group has been getting some catchy descriptions like “the most powerful manipulators of society” and “Masters of the Universe” that are taking us “towards a One World Empire.”

What I think about the Bilderberg Group

First of all, I want to say that I am not an expert about the Bilderberg Group. I hear a few things here and there, and my opinions may be incorrect. Nevertheless, I feel like this Bilderberg conspiracy is way overstretched. The simple idea is that people who actually get to make a difference can gather together, discuss ideas, problems and solutions, without actually being afraid of what they can say and discuss. When you have a lot of power, the press is always following your tail, you rarely get to say what you truly think and want to discuss, and a lot of political communications is just a show to the public.

Am I saying that the Bilderberg Group is not trying to created a more unified central government? No. A lot of people with power have thoughts of trying to centralize things to increase efficiency and avoid conflict. Obviously that’s not popular nor “democratic,” but its one of those politically incorrect things that you can think but can’t really express.

That doesn’t mean they are plotting towards that. I have a lot of European friends who say things like “too bad there wasn’t something in the past that united all the countries in Europe.” People think things like that, but do they do something about it? Not necessarily. If the Bilderberg Group was really trying to do something like that and if they were really “Masters of the Universe”, won’t you think that they would have gotten some progress already over half a century?

Obama and the Bilderberger Group

Why would Obama nominate people in the Bilderberg Group? Well, the nature of power is that when you are influential and connected, everyone wants you to be part of them. If you look at the business world, most people only sit on the board of 1-2 companies. But there are these super high-level characters that sit on the board of over a dozen Fortune 500 companies. That’s because everyone invites you when you have achieved that status.

The same holds true here. Whoever the Bilderberg Group invites to their forum must be someone that is highly influential, competent and important. Is it that big of a deal that Obama likes people who are highly influential, competent and important too? Should there be a rule that once a person is invited to the Bilderberg Group, the President should not ever associate with him/her again? That’s ridiculous. If that is the case, then the most powerful thing the Bilderberg Group can do IS to actually invite all the best people in the states, preventing the President’s Cabinet from utilizing the abilities of these highly competent people.

My final conclusion? Even IF the Bilderberg Group wanted world domination and to create a central government, just the fact that Obama nominates a few of their attendees does not mean Obama endorses that. Saying that “Obama is a puppet of the Bilderberg Group” based on those facts is quite stretched and, though being a good marketing/viral plot, makes them less credible in my mind.

Either way, I feel that it is quite irresponsible for people to bring up points that unsettle the crowd and destroys the unity and growth of the country just for their publicity. Even if it were all true, I think right when the president is elected is a TERRIBLE time to disclose it.

I know this is quite a controversial topic (since it is about controversies and conspiracies itself), so you may not agree with me. I may be wrong, and we’ll see if the next few days of investigation prove that or not. What do YOU think about Obama and the Bilderberg Group?

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4 responses to “Secret Power: The Bilderberg Group”

  1. I must say that I am compelled to agree with you. However, I do have a couple of reservations.

    Just because you have influence/power or great wealth, which you may or may not have attained through intelligence and wisdom, does not mean that you should be able to influence the world or any country significantly.

    Unfortunately there are great people with great abilities that will never achieve this degree of influence or success and they could improve the discussions immensely.


  2. you talk about alex jones and what he says but what he talks about is what is in the press. if you think he is full of it and a crazy guy, well you maybe right he is a little crazy about the point he try’s to get across but it isn’t just him that talks about these groups: tri-lateral conmission council of foreign relations or bilderberg group. it lou dobbs its anderson cooper it aljazeera its independent news sources that report on these events and actions. its history that reflects what is happening today. Power and Greed run rapid in these uppers elites, and power can corrupt and turn people in side out, and when one has been raised in the power, they do not know any different from what they are taught which is they are better then us. we must see out side our bubble of reality and look into theirs. look at the laws that have been passed go to the go through these sources. they are real they are there, read the books these people write what they tell us, what they want to do. don’t look at what they want you to look at. look for the book a called “The Pale White Horse” explore the world and everything that it is. the truth is there if you move out of our own reality you will find it.

  3. Haha, I’m sure the author himself thinks his sources are credible. We’ll see if this makes any strange impacts.

  4. Yea, I completely agree with you. I knew within 20 seconds of The Obama Deception, that it was going to be another one of those sensational “documentaries” that prefer ominous, dramatic music and interviews with wacko’s to actual fact. But, unfortunately that’s the sort of thing that spreads like the plague. Thanks a lot Michael Moore!

    It’s interesting to analyze why these films are so popular though. I’m reading Made to Stick, and this idea is simple (Obama is a puppet), unexpected (dissenting voice when everyone else loves Obama), concrete (the Bildebergs are to blame), not so much credible, definitely emotional (the music and the tone of the voice-over remind me of political attack ads), and it’s packed with stories. That’s 5/6! No wonder it went viral…

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