New Series: Engagement Website Design Series via Captain Up

A series on how to build engagement on your website through the Captain Up Platform

Many of you have asked me about the gamification platform I used on my website here at For some, it has been a gruesome but rewarding experience of leveling up and climbing through the ranks.

It’s no secret that the platform I use is called Captain Up. Like I say though, gamification platforms are like Graphic Engines in making games. A good graphic engine can help you create a great game, but it doesn’t mean you automatically have one.

I’ll be creating a short series of videos on how to implement my various Core Drives into a website through the Captain Up Platform.

I may explore other platforms too in the future, but since I enjoy using Captain Up so much, I thought this would be a great start.

Stay Tuned!

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4 thoughts on “New Series: Engagement Website Design Series via Captain Up”

  1. I think I it is worth giving it a try to at least pilot Captain Up (or something similar to it) for one (or more) of my classes this fall.

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