Thank You Reader Love!

So during the past couple of weeks, I have been getting quite a few awesome responses from my readers through Twitter, email, and the blog itself. Through that I have met a lot of great people like Aminata, Lily, and Jason.

As you guys know by now, I have a very explain-y style, which results in longer posts. I tend to pack a lot of information into one blogpost, and that makes my blog a bit tougher for reader adaption compared to Jun’s short and friendly blogposts. It also takes me a long time to write these posts, which is tough when you are an entrepreneur that works 90 hours a week.

Sometimes I contemplate if time spent on this blog is worth it, since it takes hundreds or even thousands of hours of committed work without much ROI to it. However, its times like that when I suddenly get the most encouraging messages from readers. I want to include here one that completely made my day last week. This particular one is from Facebook:

Hi Yu-kai,

I really wish I found your blog earlier in my life, but I am glad I found it now and hopefully can act on your advice. Your blog is inspiring. I graduated from UCLA with an International Economics degree too but I did far less than what you had accomplished. And your essay on UCLA career service is absolutely correct. When I was an econ major, the school pushed and advertised the Big 4 accounting jobs.

Anyhow, long story short, I always wanted to start a business but did not have the guts to start. So I worked as a CPA for 2 years at a hedge fund and then went to law school since I enjoy schooling a lot. So now I am doing my last semester in London, and the funny thing is that traveling liberated me and made me realize I may want to be an entrepreneur again. I think there may be a similarity between traveling and being entrepreneur in that you have to deal with the unknown and still be confident that things will work out.

Considering my huge debt, I will most likely be slaving away at a large law firm for a few years, but I will have 5 months after the bar to do whatever I want and I think it will be an ideal time to test out my skills at and travel around the world (yes, with debt).


Can I add you as a friend?

(name omitted)

When I get messages and notes like these, every single piece of doubt in my mind is wiped out and it becomes a “duh! Of course you should keep writing.” It goes back to the basic principle of “money can’t get you love, but putting your heart into something can.” When I blog, I sincerely put my reader’s welfare in mind (not that I do a great job about it or anything, but I try). I know you who sent me the message will read this post too, so thank you so much for writing that!

So for everyone else out there, if you happen to be reading my blog, message me! I know for some, it’s kinda outside of their comfort zones, but check out my post on how that’s just a Harmless Dragon 🙂

I PROMISE you that if you get in touch with me, we will be friends.

Have an extraordinary week and become successful in every activity you engage in!

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