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Ian Bogost the Troll: How I got bashed in the face on Twitter

Being Bashed on Twitter by Ian Bogost

Below is a weird and unexpected conversation I had on Twitter. I’ve dealt with Anonymous bashers before (even made a short video that directly talks about how to deal with bashers), but keep in mind Ian Bogost is a renowned Professor at Georgia Tech. I did not expect him to take on the same behaviors as a bashing troll. Check it out, and let me know if you felt I somehow said something to deserve this, or the guy was just being Eric Cartman for his fame.

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2 responses to “Ian Bogost the Troll: How I got bashed in the face on Twitter”

  1. I am still confused why this conversation had to become personal.
    Nice job staying above it Yu-kai (and Gabe).

    • TylerAltrup Haha, like I said, his business model is the same as South Park. He HAS to bash someone and make it personal. This is what I’ve learned.
      If he was reading this, I would recommend him to write a post that is title “The Top 10 Douchebags on the Internet” and just list famous people. That would probably drive his fame further 😉

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