Awesome Wizkids from Kansas

For the Summer, Future Delivery invited 3 young programmers who are 19-20 years old from Kansas to help us develop our FD World platform and launch (in the next few weeks). I call them Team Blue Valley because they were all actually from Blue Valley High School in Kansas. I converted my 1 bedroom apartment into a work station with desks connected, and added another bed in the bedroom. Right now we have Team BV sleep in the bedroom and do work in the living room. My old roommate and myself just sleep on the floor in the living room, and a marketing gal will sleep on the couch for awhile. That’s an awesome startup life.

Now to really understand how good these kids are, I need to tell you what happened. Our CTO Jason Wei gave them an option of 4 tasks to do, and expected them to tell him which one they want to work on in 3 days, and take the next few weeks to complete it. After 3 days, instead of telling Jason which one they want to do, they already finished 3 out of the 4 tasks. Jason was very impressed, and so he gave them another set of tasks that were much more challenging, and they completed it in 2-3 days again. Jason said they are better than at least 50% of his team in Tosh-iba, which is one of the strongest devisions in the US, and all have at least 10-15 years of experience. Again, these guys are only 19-20 years old.

Everything is looking swell in FD, and everyone is passionately trying to make a difference in the future. I do hope that we will be given that opportunity to make that impact in society.

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They’re working their lives away for FD….obviously.

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