RewardMe video case study: Fraiche Yogurt

Business: Fraiche Yogurt

Type: Yogurt shop

Owner: Patama Gur

Fraiche is an incredibly popular yogurt shop (with 3 locations) that uses RewardMe to power their rewards program.  Patama (the owner) is such a terrific person and incredibly smart business owner.  As you’ll see in the video, she has been hesitant to use a rewards program for a long time because she doesn’t want to give away free food; however, when she found out about RewardMe and the incredible data that we collect, she quickly took action and has used our program to capture over 35% of her customers.

Check out the video to learn more about her first-hand experience with RewardMe.

Tell us about Fraiche Yogurt

Fraiche is an organic yogurt shop where they make all of their yogurts from scratch.  Their innovation is a mini dairy plant located right in their store, ensuring the freshest, best tasting yogurt on the planet!

Why did you choose RewardMe?

Patama has been hesitant since opening Fraiche to utilize a rewards program because she didn’t want to set the customer expectation for free product.  But then when she found out about RewardMe and all of the customer data that we capture and how she can use this data to market to customers at an individual level, she changed her mind and used us for her rewards program.

How do customer like the Fraiche rewards program (powered by RewardMe)?

Customer love it!

They’re super excited because customers love to be recognized.  It’s great for Patama to know that her best customers are being rewarded.

How important is it that your rewards program is POS agnostic?

Patama has 3 different POS systems.  It’s too costly to replace POS systems so that they all match and there may even be a better POS system in the future, so she doesn’t want to spend the upfront cost now.

It gives her comfort that RewardMe works across all different types of POS systems.

How do you utilize a personalized text marketing campaign?

Patama is very excited to let her best customers know that she knows when they haven’t been in.  She wants to send a message that says “we miss you”, and get them to come back into the store.

Are customers hesitant to give out their number?

Some customers are hesitant to give out their phone number, but when she then supports it by letting customers know that they don’t do many marketing messages or that they can opt-out at any time, then customers get more comfortable and join.

Even if they don’t sign up the first time, if they’re coming back and they constantly see it, then they’re signing up on their 3rd or 4th visit.

Would you recommend RewardMe and why?

RewardMe was very easy to implement, very easy to use, the customers understand it, and the payback in terms of customer demographic and information is incredible.


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