Infographic: Loyalty Program Comparison

When it comes to picking the right loyalty program, there are many options available. From solutions that focus on smartphones, iPad apps that utilizes Gamification, to the traditional physical cards, loyalty programs are abundant. Still, while there are many choices, the hard part can be figuring out which solution will fit your business best.

  • What sort of hardware does the loyalty program require?
  • Does the loyalty program support text/email marketing?
  • Am I able to capture SKU Data and/or capture dollar value?

These are the sorts of questions that business owners need to ask when picking a solution that best fits their needs. While the most obvious question is the ability to measure and track ROI with a loyalty program, there are many factors that need to be considered.

To address the questions that businesses looking to add a loyalty program, we’ve put together a Loyalty Program Comparison, an informative infographic that compares RewardMe along with 3 other popular loyalty solutions available.

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Loyalty Program Comparison Infographic

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  1. What if RewardMe would have taken off. Where would you be now? If you think about it, I probably would not be on this site. If lives are changed for the better accordingly, then these lemons have been turned into lemonade, right? 🙂

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