How Ticketmaster personalizes your event-purchasing experience

Have you ever purchased a ticket for an event and though, “how many people do I know who are attending this event?”  Or better yet, have you ever wanted to automatically receive notifications when your favorite artists or bands are playing nearby?

This is exactly what’s possible with the new Ticketmaster Facebook App.

Recommendations based on your song preferences

The Ticketmaster Facebook app syncs with Spotify and iHeartRadio, so it understands what type of music you like.  With this data, Ticketmaster can intelligently send you notifications to let you know when your favorite band is playing nearby.  Furthermore, Ticketmaster can make recommendations about similar events that you may like to attend.

Tag your seat with your Facebook Profile

Another impressive feature is the ability to tag a seat with your Facebook profile, allowing your friends to see where you’ve seated and purchase a nearby seat.  This makes it simple for large groups to find people they want to sit next to.

Actually, a better use would be to find a seat next to your cute friend on Facebook who’s going to the next Justin Bieber concert 😛

Personalization is in.  Utilize the Facebook social graph to get your customers to share fun and exciting information with their friends.

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