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The Top 53 Y-gines I have worked with.

Throughout my experiences, I have truly felt the difference in the quality of people and talents. I have always heard that one good programmers is better than ten bad ones, but it is only until this year that I really felt it, not just in engineering, but also in business operations and management.

I can say that my CMO Jun Loayza can finish four times more than what I can do in the same time period (I plan a little more carefully), and I already have a decent track record in finishing more than most people in a relatively short amount of time; one of my programmers can write 56 lines of code that does the exact same thing as 1,800 lines of code from another reputable software company. Having that one genius guy is like having 20 “good” programmers minus the waste of time trying to coordinate.

I’ve worked with a lot of people in my life, and there have been many who let me down. It’s not always that they lack competency, but often times its a matter of work ethics and attitude. Some people perform very well themselves, but they make their co-workers weaker; some people are extremely smart, but lack the execution abilities (sometimes known as a MBA issue).

Many also turn out to be quite flaky, both in communications and executions. I have therefore decided to compile a list of Y-Gens that I have worked with who are simply star performers. I call these people the Y-gines, since they are engines of performance in the Gen Y world. Having and not having these people on your team can literally get your team into a different league.

Note: If you think you should be on the list and are not, either I have not worked with you enough, or there’s something lacking for you to make list. Either way, send me a note, and I will tell you EXACTLY (according to my knowledge and subjective opinion) what you need to do to be on this list. Also, this list is in no exact order so don’t fret if you are not listed high. Finally, if you would like to suggest someone, let me know!

Here is a list of Y-Gines

  1. Jun Loayza: Future Delivery Co-founder/CMO
  2. Michael Cox: California Student Sustainability Coalition President
  3. Andy Tong: MMOABC Founder/CEO
  4. Stephen Johnson: Future Delivery CTO
  5. Chen Mei: Knowledge Master and UCLA Law Student
  6. Jason Jolley: Developer at Future Delivery
  7. Harold Tan: Founder of FastTrackFundraising
  8. Nicholas Chen: Architectural Designer from Taiwan
  9. Edward Lau: Entrepreneurial Bioengineering student from UCLA specializing in neuro-communication
  10. Jackie Laird: JAIC America Analyst on Clean Tech Ventures
  11. D’Artagnan Scorza: University of California Student Regent
  12. Stuysonnie Lam: UCLA Delta Sigma Pi President Fall 2008
  13. Ryuto Kawai: UCLA Materials Engineering Graduate; Business Operations Genius
  14. James Chen: Previous Lehman Brothers Analyst, now Barclays Capital
  15. Katiyana Williams: Bay Area Market Manager at Greenopia
  16. Ian John Lee: Haas MBA Student; former Deloitte Management Consulting Consultant
  17. Ben Chiang: Analyst at Bain Consulting
  18. Josh Yang: Analyst at LEK Consulting
  19. Elizabeth Han: Deloite Management Consulting Analyst
  20. Lorna Apper: Entrepreneurial UCLA PhD Student in Geographical and Environmental Studies
  21. Crystal Durham: California Student Sustainability Coalition Executive Director
  22. Nick Mcghie: Wells Fargo Summer Business Analyst
  23. Vivian She: Harvard PhD student
  24. Shin Kadota: Barclays Capital Financial Strategist
  25. Jason Somers: Project Manager for Pacific Crest Consultants
  26. Drew Steranko: Mathmatics and Accounting Graduate from Kansas University
  27. Tianqi Zhao: previous Lehman Brothers Hong Kong Analyst (anyone know what is he up to right now?)
  28. Dave Liu: Founder/CEO of Good Operating System
  29. Amy Nguyen Tran: UCLA Predental Graduate
  30. Peter Suberlak: Vice President of Professional Activities in UCLA Delta Sigmpa Pi Fall 2008
  31. Albert Chiang: UCLA Delta Sigma Pi Vice President of Professional Activities Winter-Spring 2008
  32. Joseph Yi: Campus CMO for Future Delivery
  33. Max Bottaro: Campus CMO for Future Delivery
  34. Karen Or: Sony Pictures Television Intern
  35. Sarah Cha: JPMorgan Chase Entertainment Industries Group Analyst
  36. Victor Shyu: Consultant at FTI Consulting
  37. Amy Wang: Analyst at PIMCO
  38. Steven Wallace: Future Delivery Developer
  39. Gabriel Mizrahi: Deloitte Management Consulting Analyst
  40. Alex Adams: UCLA Pre-law student
  41. Sam Fong: Entrepreneurial UC Merced Student
  42. Aniq Rahman: Cornell Student and Seriel Entrepreneur (HireCube, WatchmyCell, and BuzzinMedia)
  43. Jared Duval: Social writer and Senior Fellow at ecoAmerica
  44. Harsh Shah: Analyst at Hercules Technology Growth Capital
  45. Nicole Henderson: Senior Research Fellow at Green For All
  46. Lucas Johnson: Co-founder of the BeyondFire Institute
  47. Kevin Weil: Lead developer of Cooliris
  48. Michael Tung: Co-founder of Diffbot
  49. Amit Kulkarni: Founder of Manymoon
  50. Turner Kurt: Field Marketing Manager at Smule
  51. Richard White: CEO of
  52. Ben Christensen: Analyst at Silicon Valley Bank Capital
  53. Alan Hsia: Investment Analyst at Parakletos Ventures
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