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Yu-kai Chou Rated 4th Among the Top 40 Gamification Gurus

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Last month, I finally made it to the Top 10 among the Top 40 Gamification Gurus on Leaderboarded, but at that time I was ranked 8th. With the new results this month, it is a pleasant surprise to see me improved to Number 4.

As you know, I am a VERY competitive gamer. And once I take a game seriously, I go all out on it. It is the same for climbing the gamification guru ladders. However, I’m still very behind with a bunch of my work, as you probably notice a slowness on updating my blog as well as getting out the next episode of Video Series: The Beginner’s Guide to Gamification. Truth be told, I went to Chicago and accumulated a bunch of amazing footage. But due to a faulty iPhone upgrade, I lost all that footage and so became a little bit demoralized. I’ll be picking it up again soon though (as well as remaking the long-awaited episode 3).

Either way, I’m just grateful I’m on the list to begin with. Hopefully this means later on when this bug is gone, I will be able to ascend into a higher realm of guru-ship.

In the past 3-4 months, my Gamification Framework called Octalysis got picked up very well and was translated into 6 different languages across Europe and South America. I also received a decent amount of speaking opportunities, workshops, and consulting engagements with cool startups as well as Fortune 500s. I feel very blessed to have gotten such recognition in such a short amount of time and feel immensely thankful for those who supported me and gave me confidence and strength to continue to share my knowledge while having fun at the same time.

On the other hand, I have the honor of being one of the hosts for the premium Gamification Conference of the year- GSummit. It will be a ton of fun. Please show up and say hi to me if you can make it there.
Below is the list of the Top 40 Gurus:

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