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Future of Gamified Education (Slides)


Gamified Education for a better future

In case you missed in, last month I was in Norway doing a speech for the University of Adger on Gamified Education.

Many of the slides you will find similar to my past presentations, but there are some twists and turns that fit better into the education aspect.

Also, my slides also dive into my content of Lifestyle Gamification, which would be the topic my second book “10,000 Hours of Play” focuses on.

Some Insights in Gamified Education

I actually think there are some great insights that came out when I was creating these slides, including how education shifts our intrinsic motivation to learn into extrinsic motivation to get the “acceptable grades” (which are different for everyone, how educators will likely become facilitators and cheerleaders instead of teachers in a world where students can get more information than what the educator knows faster than she can say it, and how education should reward students for who they are and how they are unique, instead of shame them for who they are not.

Creating exams that students are dying to take

One of the key things here, is that many educators believe there is a lot of Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment in the current school and grades system. However, if that were the case, students would feel extremely excited when there will be an exam, because that would be a new opportunity to feel developed and accomplished!

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Students (even good students!) abhor tests and do it just because they have to. Very few people look forward to tests.

If we successfully gamify education, then “assessments” will be seen as an exciting opportunity for students to unlock new materials and skill-sets instead of always being a drag.


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5 responses to “Future of Gamified Education (Slides)”

  1. Exams that students are dying to take… That perspective certainly makes me look at the whole enterprise differently.

  2. Imagine the impact on the education system if the actual stakeholders would truly understand the intricacies of proper gamification design..

  3. For the purpose of education, I think finding allies has been undervalued.  The stigma about education often rubs off on those who succeed within its system and enjoy it, making them unpopular and undesirable allies.  The paradigm of eduction would be completely altered if the best students were also considered role-models

  4. Love the slide on Octalysis of Education, some really cool thoughts (if difficult to implement – getting all teachers to emotionally care about students) 🙂

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