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TEDx: Gamification to Change the World

At TEDx Lausanne, I had the pleasure of sharing how gamification can radically improve our world for the better. For a TED-talk style crash course in the potential of gamification, check out my presentation here:

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15 responses to “TEDx: Gamification to Change the World”

  1. An excellent way to lead people is to have a vision or dream. That is one reason I was initially drawn to my work/school. I believed in their vision. Now, having been there for ~10 yrs, I have been able to witness the fruit of the labor towards that dream.

  2. This TED talk was my first contact with the octalysis framework. It’s funny when I think back and see how much I’ve learned about gamification since then. Thank you Yu-kai. 🙂

  3. Excellent summary of your materials and examples.  Really nice and engaging close as well Yu-Kai 😀

  4. DR1  Haha, don’t focus too much on the extrinsic motivation when you may be missing so much more on the intrinsic!

  5. I had to also comment here (as i did on YT) so I could get me my points! Great Ted Talk! If the Foldit example doesn’t hit home, I suspect nothing will…

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