Octalysis Certificate Achiever: Jędrzej Lewandowski

The success of last year’s Behavioral Design Masterclass is reflected in the quality of the re-submissions we still receive for the Level 1 Octalysis Certificate.

For example from Jędrzej Lewandowski from the Faculty of medicine, Medical University of Warsaw. He took the received feedback to heart and improved his submission well beyond the certificate requirements!

Jędrzej’s chose to analyze and improve the motivation of the members of Soli Deo to organize events for this Academic Catholic Association. Curious? Check out his submission below!

Congratulations Jędrzej for achieving this milestone and adding your name to the Hall of Fame!

We hope that Soli Deo will implement some of your Brainstorming ideas, especially those that emphasize on the already existing Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning cause.

Now it is clear for me how much more additional value I gain from doing the certificate, gaining the knowledge that I didn’t previously gain from just reading and listening. I am very glad that you spent so much time and gave me the output.

Jędrzej Lewandowski

You can find the workshop videos from the Behavioral Design Masterclass, and many more, on Octalysis Prime!

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