Laurel & Wolf — Product Friction

This post is by Ali Shadle. Product Friction is any obstacle that prevents a user from getting real, tangible value from a product. Learn the secrets to building the path of least resistance from popular web applications!

Understanding where products make me feel uncomfortable

Ali Shadle has created a way to teardown the user experience and offer solutions. Using a human-focused design mindset, Ali reacted and created actionable solutions to Laurel and Wolf’s homepage, funnel, and checkout.

Homepage, setting the tone

The homepage is the user’s first impression of the site.

See all Homepage slides.

Funnel, guiding the user, maintaining curiosity and creativity

As the user interacts, she needs to feel inspired, see accomplishment, and be curious as to what happens next.

See all Funnel slides.

Checkout, get it done!

Make the user feel great about her purchase.

See all Checkout slides.


Ali Shadle is a designer. Ali owns and is a member of Octalysis Prime.

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