FINALLY!! Beginner’s Guide to Gamification (22 of 90): Onboarding Phase of Player’s Journey

Onboarding Phase of Player’s Journey

Long overdue, but not forgotten. Here is the 22nd installment of the iconic Beginner’s Guide to Gamification! It was delayed because of my focus on Octalysis Prime, but now I am back. Now that I got Final Cut Pro for OP, I can also input multiple subtitles on a screen, so you get to see when I recorded each scene 🙂

Announcement for Octalysis Prime Pre-Island

As you know, Octalysis Prime is the Gamified Learning Journey where people can create Life-Long Transformation via Behavioral Design. We are still working super hard on creating the gamified platform, but we have released the Octalysis Prime “Pre-Island” experience where members get access to all the content and the community prior to the release of the gamified platform.

I am currently working my life away and creating 3-7 videos every single week to fill the experience up with content and transformational knowledge. Right now we have a special challenge, where if you answer 3 Octalysis-related questions correctly, you can get the first month of OP for just $1.

Look forward to seeing you in Octalysis Prime!!

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8 thoughts on “FINALLY!! Beginner’s Guide to Gamification (22 of 90): Onboarding Phase of Player’s Journey”

  1. I do like the video courses I find them both entertaining and educational. I do have one comment. Could we put a timeline or a map of where we are on the video productions. I would like to know how far we are on the production. I spent some time trying to find video number 23 when I figured out we are currently on 22. i.e. a bar graph showing we are Here on our journey of making 90 videos on octalysis. Thank you.

  2. I’m torn between the videos: I like the “jumps” from one location to the next but lately I find myself distracted and envious of your jet-setting ways. In order to actually take in the information, I need to look away and listen.

    1. Haha, yes, the BGTG series definitely isn’t for everyone. That’s why I also have the boring/professional Udemy course too 😀

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