A Rating for Popular Twitter Apps II: Discovering Worthy Topics and Tweets

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This is the 2nd part of my research and analysis of Twitter Apps. Its somewhat brief, but since there are so many I do not want to type out an elaborated report for each of them. If you want to know more, you gotta ask me 🙂 (Note: this is strictly my own opinion based on my experience and analysis.)

The Apps covered in this post is to find interesting and note worthy Tweets on Twitter. It will help you understand the world better. Hope this helps!

Topics by Search:

Twitter Search (Search for the latest trends on Twitter): Most basic. Difficult access, but fast and MOST up to date. Also updates real time. 8/10

Flaptor Search (A search tool that can be installed on your browser): OK. Less up-to-date. Fast. Nice going with browser. Unnecessary if you have TweetDeck. 7/10

Tweet Scan (Search keywords and people on Twitter): Very Slow. Doesn’t find relevant info. Not very up to date. Pretty bad. 3/10

Twitterment (Search Twitter users and topics): Fast but just does a Google search relating to Twitter. Pretty useless. 2/10

TweetDeck Search (Desktop App that also has Search Functions): TweetDeck is one of the most amazing Twitter Apps because it makes almost all your Twitter activities easier and faster. After the DL, its search is easy to access and updates real time. Highly Recommended. 9/10

Topics by Type

Tweetmeme (find out the latest Stories on Twitter by type of file): Well designed, very inviting, good topics, you can choose what type of files you like (image, video, audio etc etc). One problem is lack of info on how its compiled. 7/10

Topics by Hype

Twitturly (Find out the most talked about stories on Twitter based on Links): Good info. Nicely done. Does not show the content very well. 8/10

Twitscoop (A search tool that tracks trends as well as certain events): Well made. Tag Cloud finally put in good use. Easy to browse, easy to access and very up to date. Chosen by Tweetdeck. 9/10

Favotter (Find out the most favored tweets): This idea is very good . Fewer tweets get favorited than RTed, so it must be quality stuff. Not much news but some witty lines. Helps you be a better Tweeter. 8/10

Topics by Special Interest

Twistori (Find out what tweeter’s loves, hates, believes, etc.): This is awesome. It lets you understand the world better and connect with people better. However, it does not link to the actual tweeters. A big disappointment. 8/10

GoodBadMe (Keep track of the good and bad on the twitterverse): Interesting idea, but not very well executed. Hard to read tweets, and not very engaging. One of those sites that are fun to know about but wouldn’t really use often. 4/10

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