Metablox – the Web3 Real Estate Game (Whitepaper 2.0 Part II)

Below is Part II from our Metablox Whitepaper 2.0, which includes our Product Design. Part I on the Vision can be found here. Later on I will also post Part III (Game Design), and Part IV (Technology and Team) here for your convenience too.

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🗺 Rollout Phases (our multi-year masterplan)

Metablox will be released in several phases in order to balance speed to launch with a delightful user experience that brings meaning and value to Neighbors.

💀 Phase 0 (MVP) – Address reservation 

Allow people to reserve addresses.

Phase 0 objective

The objective of Phase 0 is to quickly bring to market a scoped-down version of the product that allows people to minimally yet meaningfully participate.

Launch quickly

In order to launch Phase 0 quickly, we will scope down the product.

In scopeOut of scope
Address searchSearch resultsBlox pageReserve BloxConnect walletPurchase BloxAdd memoriesLeveling upMetaRent

User stories

As an early adopter, I want to reserve a Blox, so that I can later buy it before anyone else.

😶 Phase 1 – Purchase homes

Allow people to buy Blox as NFTs and collect MetaRent.

Phase 1 objective

The objective of Phase 1 is to open the doors and allow people to connect their crypto wallet and purchase a Blox.

Buying early is important as you’ll immediately start to collect MetaRent.

User stories

As a Nostalgic Neighbor, I want to purchase a Blox before anyone else because the Blox is meaningful to me.

As a Museum Curator, I want to purchase Blox that are meaningful to me so that I can eventually curate its memories.

As a Real Estate Mogul, I want to start buying a high volume of Blox in order to collect MetaRent and eventually unlockbuy landmarks.

Out of scope

  • Memories
  • Neighbor Collectives

😐 Phase 2 – Add memories

Neighbors can start to add memories to their Blox.

Phase 2 objective

Phase 2 is when we start to make headway on our mission — to preserve humanity’s more important memories.

The objective is for Neighbors to add their memories to the blockchain and level up their Blox. 


User stories

As a Nostalgic Neighbor, I want to add my most meaningful memories to the blockchain so that I own them and they’re preserved forever. 

As a Museum Curator, I want to add my most meaningful memories to the Blox that I own and plan to curate so that I can set the aesthetic style and culture.

As a Real Estate Mogul, I want to start buying a high volume of Blox in order to collect MetaRent and eventually unlockbuy landmarks.

Out of scope

  • Adding memories to Blox that you don’t own
  • Neighbor Collectives

🙂 Phase 3 – Add memories to other Blox

Neighbors can begin to submit memories to Blox that they don’t own.

Phase 3 objective

The objective for Phase 3 is to empower Neighbors to put up a Bounty for memories. In this way, even owners that do not have memories near the Blox can level up their Blox.

User stories

As a Museum Curator, I want to collect and curate the most meaningful memories in my community so that my community is known as the place with the richest history.

As a Real Estate Mogul, I want to set up Bounties for memories so that I can level up my properties and collect even more MetaRent.

As a Real Estate Mogul, I want to buy Blox from other Neighbors that have leveled up so that I can collect even more Meta Rent.

Out of scope

  • Neighbor Collectives

🙂 Phase 4 – Neighbor Collectives

Neighbors can begin to form Collectives in anticipation to bid for landmarks against the Moguls.

Phase 4 objective

We are close to releasing our very first landmark. To get prepared, Neighbors will continue to stock up on MetaRent to prepare for the auction.

In order to outbid the Real Estate Moguls, Neighbors can join in Collectives.

User stories

As a Neighbor Collective, I want to team up with my community so that we can outbid others and purchase/unlock a landmark.

😊 Phase 5 – Landmarks

The first landmark will be auctioned/unlocked. 

Phase 5 objective

The objective of Phase 5 is to release the very first landmark. The very first landmark will be determined before this phase. To see a full list of landmarks, go here

User stories

As a Museum Curator, I want to win the first landmark to become recognized as the memory curator of a globally renowned landmark. 

As a Real Estate Mogul, I want to win the first landmark because landmarks will be the most valuable places in Metablox.

As a Neighbor Collective, I want to team up to win the first landmark because they are the most valuable places.

😃 Phase 6 – New cities

New cities will be made available.

Phase 6 objective

The time has finally come! In Phase 6, we will expand Metablox to cities outside of San Francisco. 

We will determine the next city based on reservations, community feedback (on our Discord), and strategic factors.

User stories

As a Nostalgic Neighbor, I want to buy the places in this new city that have meaning to me so that I can add my memories. 

As a Museum Curator, I want to enter the new city early in order to claim communities that I want to curate.

As a Real Estate Mogul, I want to enter the new city early in order to buy up Blox and continue collecting more MetaRent so that I can unlockbuy landmarks.

As a Neighbor Collective, I want to start building my Collective early to prepare to outbid the Moguls. 

💡Future phases: There are many phases planned after Phase 6. In this White Paper, we are publicly documenting up to Phase 6. Future phases will be added to this document at a later stage.

🤗 Memory types

Memories are the heart and soul of Metablox. 

To the Nostalgic Neighbor and the Museum Curator, memories add meaning to their Blox and community.

To the Real Estate Mogul and the Neighbor Collective, memories level up Blox, increasing the MetaRent potential.

Types of memories

  1. Images
    1. Images will be the first memory type available to add to a Blox. The types below will be made available in future phases.
  2. Video
  3. GIFs
  4. Audio
    1. Memories don’t need to be visual. Music and audio recordings can invoke feelings as well.

Other NFTs (art, characters, trophies, vehicles)

Although Art NFTs won’t be added to a Blox as a memory, they can still be added to a Blox or community as a way to build the aesthetic and culture of the area. In future iterations, you can explore various neighbors within our platform or AR (Augmented Reality) and see a whole street of Bored Apes, best replays of NBA Top Shot, and Star Atlas spaceships hovering above a home.

🧐 Memory moderation

Memory moderation is critically important to build a platform that is meaningful and safe.

It is inevitable that people may upload memories that are NSFW, violent, or even pornographic. In order to mitigate this challenge, we must create the right balance of proactive and reactive moderation.

Bad actor deterrents

Bad actors are inevitable, but we have several deterrents that we expect to decrease their incentives/actions and their effect on the platform.

  1. Adding memories costs MetaRent: The only way to collect MetaRent is to buy Blox on Metablox. In addition, it takes rooting time to plant memories. The cost and time investment for memories act as deterrents. 
  2. Adding memories requires a gas fee: In order to add a memory to a Blox, the Neighbor must pay the gas fee (on the MATIC network, which is not high but not zero). The cost of this gas fee acts as a deterrent.
  3. Strict punishment for Terms of Service (TOS) violations: A Blox is an NFT, so when a Neighbor buys it, they own it. If they then add an image that violates our TOS, we cannot take the NFT from them. However, we can still reactively respond with strict punishments on our platform:
    1. Stop serving the Memories on Metablox
    2. Stop MetaRent collection
    3. Blacklist the sale of this NFT property directly on the Metablox platform for an extended period of time (such as a year)
    4. Disable ability for wallet to purchase further NFTs from Metablox
    5. Disable ability for wallet to sell NFTs on the Metablox platform
    6. Disable ability for wallet to participate in landmark auctions 

Memory flagging

Neighbors are able to flag memories that they believe violates our TOS. After a flagging threshold is met, our team will manually review the memory. If our review shows it does violate our TOS, then we will take the following actions: 

  1. The memory will immediately be removed from serving on Metablox
  2. We will send a warning to the Neighbor to remove the memory within 48 hours
  3. If the memory is not removed within 48 hours, then punishments listed above will start to take course

🚀 Where we’re going with this

If we’ve done a good job with communicating Metablox, then by now you should understand why our NFTs will be valuable and why people value memories.

If not, please leave us a question or comment (comments are open for all), and we will do our best to improve.

So, where are we going with Metablox? If we succeed, how will the world change? The best way to communicate this is through our Neighbor types.

The Nostalgic Neighbor

The Nostalgic Neighbor has the comfort and satisfaction of owning their most precious memories, forever on the blockchain. When they have a life milestone, such as an engagement, a baby, or a career move, the Nostalgic Neighbor captures the memory in a photo, video, gif, or audio and adds it to their Blox in Metablox.

As the Nostalgic Neighbor grows older, they pass on their Metablox NFTs to their children, who continue the legacy of documenting the family’s most important memories. After many generations, the entire family tree and legacy is captured on the blockchain so that all family members understand and appreciate their family history.

The Museum Curator

The Museum Curator proudly owns and curates a community or a landmark. They have spent years, maybe even decades, collecting the best memories in that area: memories from a myriad of people, dates from a year ago to decades ago, and even curated what kind of NFT art is for display. 

Carnival — Folsom at 4th Street. Gif credit.

San Francisco is known for its wonderful street art and culture. People from all over the world come to take tours of the street art and to listen to the rich history of the city. 

By becoming the bridge between the metaverse and real life, people in the city will be able to walk the streets of cities all over the world and see the magnificent memories and NFT art that the Museum Curator curated. 

If and when we succeed, we envision a world where tourists experience the culture of a city through their own eyes and through the lens of the Museum Curator.

The Real Estate Mogul and the Neighbor Collective

The Mogul and the Collective strive for asset appreciation. To this end, they will compete to capture the most valuable places in Metablox — the landmarks. 

Block by block, city by city, Moguls and Collectives need to buy Blox in order to amass enough MetaRent to outbid the other. To further increase the velocity of their MetaRent, Moguls and Collectives will seek to purchase high level homes and communities driven up in level by Nostalgic Neighbors and Museum Curators (high level homes earn more MetaRent).

If and when we succeed, Moguls and Collectives will amass wealth through the economics of buying and selling landmarks and high-level Blox.

Metablox – the Web3 Real Estate Game (Whitepaper 2.0 Part I)

As some of you might know, I have been working on a Web3 Real Estate Game called Metablox – preserving our most important memories onto the blockchain.

Below is Part I from our Whitepaper 2.0, which includes our longterm vision. Later on I will also post Part II (Product), Part III (Game Design), and Part IV (Technology and Team) here for your convenience too.

Also, join the Discord to be part of our Journey!

🏠 Metablox

Own real world places as NFTs, powered by real life memories.

Welcome to the Metablox White Paper! This is a comprehensive, living document about our product. Before we get started, here are some useful links:


Our mission is to preserve humanity’s most important memories.


Our vision is to build a meaningful bond between the metaverse and the physical world by anchoring real-life memories and virtual assets to real-world locations that are owned by people.


AuthenticityWe aim to be comfortable in our own skin, to proudly be who we truly are. Furthermore, we accept that we are flawed and welcome feedback from our Neighbors, which is why our White Paper will live on Google Docs, giving everyone the ability to comment on it and give us feedback.
Memories are a medium to be authentic. Memories are what make a place meaningful, which is why the Blox on Metablox are powered by memories.
GrowthBlox in Metablox must have lasting value, they must grow in value in order for Neighbors to benefit from the appreciation. And this growth of the asset doesn’t come from just squatting on it; rather, the most valuable assets will be those where the owner has worked hard to level them up. In Metablox, a Blox will grow in value as the owner unlocks Memory Slots and adds new memories. 
The Core Value of Growth extends to our Discord, where we believe in the growth of the individual. This means not only in game growth, but personal and professional growth as well.
ImpactWe aim to make a positive impact on our Neighbors by valuing the offline – the real world experiences where we create memories. While many fun, engaging Web g3 games hook a player into the world and create triggers for daily active use, we aim to motivate our Neighbors to go out into the real world and make new memories. 
In practice, this means focusing on making memories as meaningful as possible and deprioritizing efforts that are pure game-like in design for the sake of entertainment.
CommunityMetablox is not a me vs them; instead, Metablox is a place to join with fellow neighbors in preserving the most important memories in your community.
Some methods to accomplish community:
Communal power ups: Communities in Metablox can join together to benefit all Blox in the area. For example, if all Blox in a ZIP Code are Minted and have a memory, then all of the Blox get a boost that increases their MetaRent.Generational memories: Each Generation of Blox ownership has a cap to the number of levels it can increase. In order to level up further, a new owner must take over and add a new Generation of memories.

What is Metablox?

Metablox is a Web3 platform where users can own representations of real-world places as an NFT. Watch the What is Metablox video.

💡 In Metablox, a Blox can be owned as an NFT. However, this does not mean you own the block or properties in real life.

Mock of V1 of Metablox, aiming to launch in February 2022

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The Web3 Metaverse and how it will change everything

The Web3 Metaverse presented by PapaFear Gaming

Recently, in behalf of my consulting work at HTC VIVE, I have been collaborating with many content creators and influencers in the VR/AR/Metaverse/Gaming/Web3 Space.

One of the very awesome content creators I collaborated with is PapaFear Gaming, a Youtuber that has around 600,000 Subscribers on Youtube (and formerly had another Youtube Channel with over 1 Million Subscribers).

I highly recommend you to check it out!

The Web3 Metaverse presented by Cas and Chary 

Another amazing explainer on the Web3 Metaverse – albeit with a very different tone and style, is from Cas and Chary.

They create some of the best content on Youtube regarding VR/AR, and have some of the highest engagement rates ever!

I also highly recommend checking them out!

Yu-kai Chou interview with PapaFear Gaming VR on Metaverse and Web3

Metaverse, Web3, and VR Influencers for HTC VIVE

As a former Chief Experience Officer with the Cofounder of Ethereum Anthony Di Iorio as well as former Head of Creative Labs/Digital Commerce for HTC, Yu-kai has had a lot of experience and exploration into the upcoming Metaverse.

Yu-kai even started his own Web 3 project (own digital real estate that represents real world locations and level them up with real world locations) – join our Discord here!

Here he interviews one of the most influential Youtubers in VR and Gaming – PapaFearGaming VR!

PapaFearGaming not only is edging towards a million Subscribers on Youtube, he actually had another previous channel that had over a million Subscribers.

Watch as he explores what is the future of the Metaverse (as well as the VIVERSE), Web3 and VR/AR with Yu-kai Chou.

Check out an older interview between Yu-kai and PapaFear earlier!

Metablox NFT Memory: Speaking at Blockchain Fest 2022 in Singapore

This is a Memory I submitted to the landmark Marina Sand Bay in Singapore on Metablox – check out this NFT Blox and other memories yourself!

To promote the newly minted Metablox, I decided to apply to speak at a few NFT/Blockchain conferences. One of the conferences was the Blockchain Fest 2022.

They were very happy that I was willing to be a speaker there without cost and covering my own travels (normally I get paid a 5-digit USD Speaker Fee and travel expenses covered). I asked if I could at least get a table to sign books as that tends to improve the experience of the attendees, and they agreed. They also promoted my name on their website and social media as a keynote speaker.

My talk was about “How to Imbue Meaning & Purpose into your Blockchain Project,” which was related to Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning & Calling design in the Octalysis Framework. The goal was to tell people they need timeless meaning within their projects because if not then everyone is there just because they believe they can get rich in 4 months, which is obviously not sustainable.

Also, people might not want to play the same NFT games or like the same animal PFPs 10 years later, but the meaning/purpose of what they represent can last forever.

Since my talk was on Day 2 (June 2), I was thinking about announcing that we just opened up Singapore for minting, while sharing that my book is for sale and I can sell/sign books – all at the end of my speech. However, on Day 1, we just put my pile of books on the table, and within a couple hours they were all sold out. My friend Joey Lin (ex-Zynga/Google/Uber) was very impressed about it and claimed he has never seen anything sell itself like that.

One notable purchaser of my book was Carol Zurita (Speaker on Women Empowerment and Author of books including Get Powerful Now), but unfortunately she didn’t have cash and paying crypto from her Gemini account was too difficult due to me needing to be verified. So I just gave her a book and trusted her to pay me later. She did fulfill her promise afterwards so that’s a plus one in my book (no pun intended).

I also took the opportunity to meet my friend Rahul Daswani (Head of Partnerships at GovTech for the Singapore Government) and his friend Randeep Melhi (ex-COO and ex-Chief Commercial Officer of the prominent crypto project Cardano) at Toastbox in the Marina Bay Sand mall area. We discussed about how blockchain technology could help governments.

On the day of my speech, the audience was not huge but people were really interested in the topic, and they also scanned the QR code to get a free Tier-1 and Tier-2 Blox in Singapore. However, due to a bug that was introduced last moment for the QR code, people couldn’t normally mint Singapore if they were not logged in and it didn’t have proper feedback messages to explain that either.

It made Jun and I pretty sad thinking that no one wanted to mint but quickly recomposed to focus on our mission. Then we realized people who wanted to mint couldn’t mint, so we “felt better” even though the issue was obviously a bit frustrating. We probably lost quite a few people minting on the spot, but since we are focused on where Metablox will be 3-5 years from now, these bumps won’t cripple us.

Then another very odd thing happened. As the paid attendees went into the lunch hall, I was blocked by the doorman, saying that I must have a lunch voucher to enter. I thought, this must be a mistake, as I have a speaker badge. Generally the speaker badge is the most powerful of badges, allowing me to go to the backstage, VIP sections (which is true in this conference too), so I must have the right to eat lunch with the attendees, right?

So I found the organizers and explained the situation. To my surprise, all they could do was apologize, but no food for me. It’s the first time after 100-200 speeches and 40+ countries that I go hungry as a speaker. While I was planning to stay at the conference and mingle more with my the attendees (and my new friend Daniel Chou), I was hungry, so I left the conference to find food at the Marina Bay Sand mall area. 

I took the suggestion of our Metablox Discord Neighbors, and went to a fancy Japanese restaurant called Koma. I might have done a little bit of “revenge eating” but just ordering 4 appetizers cost $107.42 USD. It was good food though!

Afterward, I met up with my dear friends Nir Eyal (Bestselling Author of Hooked and Undistractable) as well as So-Young Kang (Founder/CEO of Knowbe, ex-Harvard Business School, and ex-Mckinsey) at Toastbox again.

It was unfortunate for the conference because previously I invited them to meet me at the conference and so we can walk around and mingle with attendees together (I gave them free VIP tickets days beforehand). It would have been a really cool experience if someone met two authors of books they read at the same time and probably would have made it a highlight for the event (which becomes good marketing material for their next year’s marketing). 

Unfortunately, due to not having food for the speakers, I just left and didn’t go back. We had a great time catching up as I learned how Nir Eyal moved to Singapore with his family from NY two years prior due to COVID-19 (when Americans were fleeing Singapore to return back to the States due to ultimatum warnings of citizens returning or else they might be disallowed indefinitely). Nir loves it in Singapore so we’ll see how long he ultimately stays there.

So this was my memory at Marina Bay Sand and the Blockchain Fest 2022. It might not have been the smoothest trip, but that makes this a great and unique memory to add on Metablox. I sure would want this memory to be preserved for myself decades later, and for anyone in the future to see how I am as a human being, and how things were like when we were launching Metablox in different cities. 

May all the important memories live on through the Blockchain! 

My NFT Platform will mint in 19 hours. Reserve before that for 50% off minting

Become part of something Timeless 

Have you ever thought about encountering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities? Those opportunities at your doorstep that you might regret 30 years later for not taking?

As an esteemed author that sold over 100K books and a handful of billionaire readers – as well as a designer that has empowered over 1 Billion user experiences – I certainly had no shortage of exciting opportunities in my life (a couple of them nation-changing).

But when my long-time friend from Google, Jun Loayza, reached out to me about this Metablox Concept, I felt this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and immediately jumped on it.

So, is this the opportunity that will make you rich in 4 months? NO – if that’s what you want Metablox is not what you are looking for.

This is an opportunity to be part of an ecosystem to preserve humanity’s most important memories onto the blockchain, so they don’t live on a single server like Google Photos/Drive or Dropbox. 

It’s an opportunity to turn every location in the real world into a historical site or a museum so our important memories will carry on to generations to come.

Minting on May 23rd 6AM Pacific (less than 18 hours away)

After 6 months of extraordinarily-hard work, including building a full game mechanics platform and becoming officials partners with Polygon, we are finally ready to launch our Metablox Minting tomorrow for San Francisco and Miami – with Singapore and New York coming shortly after.

Minting can be done with Debit Card (recommended for those who don’t have Crypto/MetaMask experience) or MATIC/Polygon via MetaMask (for more advanced users)

If you feel that at some point in your life you might want to own Metablox NFT, here are a few reasons why reserving Blox on our platform before our minting begins would be a pretty smart thing to do:

1) Reserving a Blox ensures that the location you care about (meaning) or with high growth potential (value) cannot be taken by anyone else within 48 hours of minting. It would just be yours alone. 

2) Reserving a Blox ensures that the mint price will always be Phase 1 pricing. In our game mechanics, every 10% ownership of a city, the mint price will increase by 50%. But for the property you have reserved , it will always be the base lowest price ($100-$300 per Blox depending on Tier). Even if you missed your reservation, you might still want to mint on Day 1 because after a few days minting could become 150% ^ x higher.

3) Reserving a Blox actually will earn an additional 50% discount off the base lowest price. Due to the recent decrease of the crypto market, to show appreciation for our reservations holders that have been with us since January, we decided to cut all minting for reservation holders by half to factor in potential weaker buying power. This means the $100-$300 per Blox will decrease to $50-$150 ONLY for those who reserved a Blox before the minting 18 hours from now. 

The only catch here is that each person can only mint 3 Blox before the normal mint phase begins.

Influencers resonate with our mission

Metablox is all about preserving meaningful memories to a location (Blox NFT) forever on the blockchain. Some influencers who care about Metablox and have uploaded their Memories into Metablox (private beta) include:

Hofit Golan (3.1M Followers) | Check out her memory on Metablox
Natalia Amaya (100K Followers) | Check out her memory on Metablox
Katerina & Yinon Horwitz (560K Followers) | Check out their memory on Metablox

We think these meaningful memories will become more and more valuable as time goes by – which is proven by historical landmarks and museums in the real world.

You’ll also get to experience probably one of the top Game Loop / Tokenomics Designs in the world by me, while making history together as a Memory Creator and Memory Curator of our precious real world.

So what now?

If you have already made 1-3 reservations on Metablox, here are a few tutorials to prepare for minting.

Important: All reservation holders get a 50% discount during the Reservation Minting Phase (which lasts 48 hours after launch).

Here are the Minting tutorials

  1. Get ready to Mint: Bridge ETH to MATIC
  2. Get ready to Mint: Minting tutorials
  3. How to Mint your reserved Blox

I hope you join alongside me and thousands of others to become a neighbor in Metablox so we can make history together!

Thanks and God Bless,
Yu-kai Chou
Wikipedia Profile

3 Great Gamification Examples in Blockchain and NFTs

As most of you know, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been sweeping the world by storm.

While this is still the wild wild west where companies are innovating faster than what consumers can adopt to (be careful of what you invest in as many are hype over substance), when the dust settles there will be some clear winners that will define the future of technology, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Below we list 3 good examples of gamification being applied in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space.

Blockchain Gamification Example 1: Axie Infinity

You probably have already heard of Axie Infinity – which almost makes this a must-include on our list.

Traditional NFTs focus on just owning unique pieces of digital artwork or characters/cards which could go up in value and be traded later. However, without fun utilizations of these NFTs, the value of these NFTs are purely speculative and barely based on need or utility.

To increase the value of these NFTs, Axie Infinity (inspired by another NFT project CryptoKitties), Axie Infinity allowed people to “play” with these NFT creatures, including breeding more, buying land, upgrading the Axies, and battling each other.

The results of gamifying these NFTs made Axie Infinity the largest “Play-To-Earn” platform in the world, with their AXS market cap to exceed $3 Billion USD, and a daily trade volume of over $150 Million USD. Active players of Axie Infinity can earn from a few hundred dollars a month to over $4,000 a month, which becomes a nice living for many people in countries like the Philippines (warning: due to competitiveness of the platform, playing Axie Infinity may not guarantee actually earning money, and it is possible to invest into the game and lose money instead).

Blockchain Gamification Example 2: Fulldive Social Web3 Browser

Fulldive is a mobile browser (much like Chrome or Safari) that is supercharged by Blockchain, Gamification, and VR.

Not only does Fulldive allow the consumption of millions of VR content from a mobile phone, you can also gain gamified rewards such as XP points, increase levels, NFT badges, and quests. The in-browser coins that can be traded for gift cards, charity, or cryptocurrencies too.

Because of their unique combination of gamification, blockchain/crypto/NFT, VR, and ad blocking, FullDive mobile browsers has obtain over 15 Million Downloads. With their Gamified Social Browser alone, they achieved over 2.7 Million Downloads and a 4.73 rating from 111,000 ratings in their last update alone.

Fun fact: Yu-kai Chou and The Octalysis Group actually had the blessing and pleasure to provide some help to the Fulldive Social Browser to make it more engaging. Octalysis Group guidance helped (partially – we don’t claim full credit as their team worked incredibly hard to make everything happen) Fulldive’s Social Browser rating increase from 4.1 to 4.7, downloads from 600K to 2.7M, and the weekly retention rate from 12% to 29%.

Blockchain Gamification Example 3: Upland NFT

Buying virtual land has been a big topic in the Web3 world. Over $75 million USD worth of virtual land alone was sold in The Sandbox and Decentraland alone.

However, a very interesting project we have been eyeing on is Upland, which combines owning virtual land, real world real-estate, and monopoly into one NFT game platform.

A user basically purchases pieces of NFT property that represent a real world location (such as a building in New York). They can then earn a variety of currencies, rewards, and collections to increase their asset values.

There are a variety of strategies and optimizations in this monopoly game, making it quite engaging and enabling a valuation of $300 Million USD in just a couple years.

Metablox NFT Logo

Honorable Mention: Metablox NFT (my own Blockchain Gamification Project)

Similar to Upland, my own gamified blockchain project harnesses the power of owning NFTs based on real life locations (a block instead of an address or building). However, we double down on the real world by allowing users to upload meaningful memories connected to that location and allow the Blox NFT to level up.

Metablox NFT

Leveled up Blox can generate an in-platform currency called MetaRent, which can then be used to bid for Landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Statue of Liberty.

The true purpose of Metablox is to motivate people to upload meaningful memories onto the Blockchain forever, so they will not live on a single server but can be immortalized like historical sites, museums, and landmarks.

I designed an intricate Game Loop to ensure longterm engagement as well as a steady rising in NFT utility, resulting in lasting value for owners.

Metablox Game Loop

Metablox is a new project that just launched in February 2022, and minting will start in April 2022. Eventually it will incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) experiences when exploring various cities, as well as social check-in/loyalty program implementations for real world locations.

If you want to join the early community and see how it’s done…

Join the Metablox Discord Community