30 Reasons to Join Octalysis Prime (Comprehensive Gamification Education Platform)

Octalysis Prime Learning Platform

As you might know, Octalysis Prime is my most important project to share with the world my most advanced research and knowledge in Gamification and Behavioral Design – things we charge our clients $100K – $500K USD to apply to their organizations. 

It is a Gamified Library with over 1000 videos of the most advanced lessons in Game Design Techniques (Points, Badges, Leaderboards, Mystery box, Easter Eggs, Grownup Locks), 3-Hour knowledge/interviews from other experts like Richard Bartle (original inventor of virtual worlds and Creator of Bartle’s 4 Player Types), Nicole Lazzaro (creator of 4Keys2Fun), Charles Huang (Creator of Guitar Hero), and other strategies on gamifying entrepreneurship, product, education, sales/marketing, parenting, workplace motivation, and more.

It’s basically downloading my brain for the price of a gym member.

What proof do we have that Octalysis Prime works? Well, did you know that 10 out of 12 gamification consultants/designers Yu-kai’s company The Octalysis Group recruited in the past three years came out of the Octalysis Prime program?

Octalysis Group consultants literally are the best people that Yu-kai Chou put in front of his clients, including Uber, Tesla, Google, LEGO, Microsoft, Walgreens and more (charging $100K – $200K for the skills we learned from OP).

If you are interested in actually building a career in Gamification/Behavioral Design, or with Gamification/Behavioral Design, or you just want to make sure you have resilience for the upcoming turbulent 2023 economy, then I would HIGHLY recommend you to talk up this offer.

To make it more compelling why you should double down on transforming your life with Octalysis Knowledge, here I will present you 30 reasons to join OP powered by the 8 Core Drives of the Octalysis Framework!

Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning & Calling

  • The world is struggling right now and needs you to become OP (overpowered).
  • Imagine what it would be like to create true change in the world and yours.
  • Begin your Heroes Journey today!

Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment

  • Have you felt stuck in the same place for a long time now? Is it time to upgrade yourself yet?
  • Learn 20 years of world class knowledge in a game from me in a gamified platform and make 2023 your biggest win.
  • Download my brain, level up your input, and watch your output transform your life!

Core Drive 3: Empower of Creativity & Feedback

  • The world is becoming more and more chaotic – just like the beginning of any hero’s journey! 
  • Plan your own personal build strategy in OP, make the world your canvas, and express yourself fully in this world of chaos.
  • Imagine yourself 5 years from now. Do you like what you see? What if you imagine yourself learning all the knowledge, skill, and connections from Octalysis Prime. Would that be worth pursuing?

Core Drive 4: Ownership & Possession

  • When you get yourself to tiptop form, money is easy. You’ve already spent years accumulating valuable skills. You just need that last 10% to monetize it to the fullest. 
  • Some of the knowledge I’m sharing on OP (like certain key principles in Behavioral Economics) singlehandedly helped me make $200K more, either because it helped secure a large client project, or was the key component that solved another challenging client project.
  • Money is a reflection of your skill growth and diligent no-procrastination work ethic, plus a bit of luck. Octalysis Prime can help you with the first, you have to pick up the second (or with a bit of gamifying), and we can only pray for the third.
  • If you are going to invest in ANYTHING in this volatile bear market, invest in yourself!

Core Drive 5: Social Influence & Relatedness

  • We are social animals that NEED respect from those around us. Gain respect by becoming the best you.
  • Gain appreciation from peers, family, and loved ones, by understanding how the social brain works.
  • Connect with a passionate community of innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, storytellers just like you with the OP Slack Community.
  • No longer be the only crazy one in your community. Join the 19,071 Octalysis Prime Members and finally feel understood!
  • Observe social proof of all the OP Members who share their wins about becoming better teachers, raised millions of dollars, got recognized by their CEO, improved their company culture and product, and found their dream jobs.

Core Drive 6: Scarcity & Impatience 

  • We only do these type of promotions 1-2 times a year, some make sure you don’t let the opportunity slip!
  • Every year you don’t upgrade yourself, you are letting valuable opportunities slip as life snowballs into compounding success. The earlier you start, the more exponential rewards you get..
  • You can wait for my next public workshops that costs $500-$1000/person, or you could get OP now for $250/yr and get everything I have done including a one-month Masterclass on Gamification & Behavioral Design (we sold it for $1000/person in 2020).
  • 3 Days Left to take advantage of this offer 😉

Core Drive 7: Unpredictability & Curiosity

  • Check out the world’s most impactful game – a game that helps you learn and apply behavioral science, gamification, parenting, entrepreneurship, fundraising, management, public speaking, and many more! 
  • If you are curious about how Yu-kai Chou, regularly rated Number 1 Gamification Guru in the world, designs and creates his own gamified educational journey, then you should definitely become a member of Octalysis Prime!
  • Our DAU/MAU (Daily Active User divided by Monthly Active User) is above 30%. Curious about why so many people are coming back to OP on a DAILY Basis?

Core Drive 8: Loss & Avoidance

  • Feeling stuck? More knowledge can get you unstuck.
  • Feeling worried? More emotional mastery could get you out of worrying.
  • Feeling anxious? A changing world offers more opportunities to leap ahead.
  • Feeling excited? Become OP and the world is your oyster!
  • The changing world and economy might collapse on us soon. Are you fully prepared to tackle all that is coming and surf it like a wave?

See you in Octalysis Prime!

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