4 Common Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

Learning to swim can be a fun and exciting experience. From learning the basics of kicking to the different types of strokes, becoming an expert is not an overnight matter. On the other hand, not all of us learn how to swim through a set process. For some, learning to swim involved being dropped into a pool (or in some cases a large body of water) and ‘improvising.’ Much like the latter, this is how many businesses learn how about social media.

In what can be best described as a trial and error style marketing approach, businesses that jump into the ‘social media’ pool, can find themselves looking for a life vest if they aren’t careful. To help businesses avoid making the same mistakes that others make, we’ve come up with 4 Common Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make:

1. Relying on Facebook Fans for Sales

Gap FacebookIf you are relying on Facebook Fans to drive your sales, then you should be worried. While Facebook is an excellent distribution channel for your brand, it should a business should not use it as a sole revenue generation tool. The truth of the matter is that while large and at times highly engaging, Facebook is still in its infancy in driving direct sales from the site.

By no means should this lower the relevance or need to be on Facebook, but rather it should keep goals and expectations realistic in what to expect from being on the webs largest social network.

2. Playing the “waiting game”

When the concept of ‘social media’ was introduced, no one knew what to expect. To this day, there are those that are still unsure.

For brands though, playing the waiting game is no longer a viable strategy. With everyday that passes, another competitor moves further in relevance through the digital space. What were once valid points on holding out from building out a presence on social media outlets, are now excuses. Businesses that don’t consider social media as one of their priorities in regards to marketing and business strategy¬† are putting themselves at a disadvantage.

Remember that after a certain point a reason can become an excuse. With the digital boom now entering it’s third year of growth, now is the time to join in if you haven’t already.

3. The Solution to All

Social media is a powerful and valuable tool for businesses, but to call it the solution to all ones problems is overvaluing it. Everything has its limits, and social media is no exception to the rule.

For example, expecting social media to bring your company out of bankruptcy is unrealistic.

Just how you wouldn’t try to use a fork when eating cereal, social media has a place and use. Before starting, make sure you full understand the use and core foundation of the social media platform you are looking to use.

Facebook Resource | Twitter Resource
Pinterest Resource | Yelp Resource

4. Being a News Feed

One of the most common mistakes that businesses do when starting out is to appear to be just a news feed of information associated with their brand.

For example, check out the following Twitter news feed:

Twitter News Feed

From a user’s point of view, the feed reads like a newspaper: one-sided with no opportunity for interaction. With that in mind, what reason does the user have to follow/interact with the brand/business?

Remember that social media is all about the 2-way conversation and taking down the barriers that often separate brands and their fans.

Tip: Be creative, be innovative.

What other common mistakes have you seen businesses make when it comes to social media? Let us know in the comments below.

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