Infographic: How to Effectively Market Your Restaurant with Pinterest

Infographic: How to Market Your Restaurant with Pinterest

Restaurants are always looking for new ways to promote their business. From social media to traditional media, restaurants continue to look for new ways to re-invent the wheel. One platform that continues to grow in interest and use is the social platform, Pinterest.

Pinterest, a pinboard-style social photo sharing website has grown quickly as a tool for brands to distribute photos and content relevant to the brand.

Restaurants in particular can benefit from using Pinterest because of both the visual story that images of foods evoke and the ease of sharing that the Pinterest platform allows for.

If you are a restaurant, check out this great infographic on How to Market Your Restaurant with Pinterest:

Click to enlarge: How to Market to Your Market with Pinterest

Highlights from infographic:

Showcase your stuff: Pin photos of your food, decor and staff to get potential customers an idea of what to expect

Share some secrets: In comparison with ‘regular’ pins, recipe pins have a 42% higher click through rate than other types

Pricing: Pinterest has a section called their ‘gift section.’ If you would like to show up in this section, add prices to the pins so that you will show up in that area.

Share the wealth: Share images from other sites that are relevant to your brand and/or industry. This will create a well-rounded experience for the user.

Buttons: Make following your restaurant on Pinterest easy and hassle free for the user. Install the Pinterest follow button on any restaurant websites as well as in-store via signage.


Are you currently using Pinterest? How effective has it been for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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