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Awesome Bloggers Launching!

(This is Jun, my co-founder)

You guys might be wondering what we have been doing these days,  as Jun, Joe and I have been mostly writing about interesting topics on our blog but not really updating about Future Delivery. What do we have in our sleeves?

Well, you guys may already know we’re working on what we think could be an industry-changing site called Viralogy. Viralogy aims to help personal bloggers become discovered and also create a Social Media Rank. While we’re still getting out of our Alpha stage (with strangers playing with it), we are excited to first launch a new project called Awesome Bloggers.

Since our site is about promoting bloggers, we decided that we want to interview the best bloggers out there for tips and personalities that can benefit other aspiring bloggers. You can find their text everywhere, but very rarely do you get to see them talk in real life. We want to break down some barriers and create a real relationship with these bloggers and their readers.

If you are a blogger and want to be interviewed on the show (remotely through Skype), let us know!

Also, we want to teach companies how to use blogging as a good business tool too (you can’t imagine how many of those firms who don’t understand any of this and are asking about Social Media Marketing all the time). That’s why we’re creating Companies basically sign up for monthly video tutorials for $100/month. If you want to earn some extra cash, we give referrers or sales folks 50% commission. We made the product, and we will make as much as the person who wells it. This means that if you get 20 companies to buy, you will get $1000 passive income on a monthly basis without doing anything else. No pressure but contact me if you see that as an opportunity.

Life is extraordinary as an entrepreneur, and there are exciting things going on with Future Delivery. Will we fail at many of the things we do? Sure! But just like a video game, you have to die quite a few times before you can beat the game. Its WAY better than not playing the game at all 🙂

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