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How to be OP in an Interview (Part 2/2)

Confidence is respected. It’s important to demonstrate likeability and unique value.

In this article, we’ll continue the discussion.

What are they looking for?

Your preparation for this interview will likely involve understanding what the core aspect of the role is, and how you bring unique value.

But you also need to show how you can leverage your core strengths.

Maybe your core strength is communication, in particular in difficult situations.

Here’s how you might answer the following: Tell me about your strengths.

For example, when I was working at ABC company, I did XYZ and resolved the conflict with my coworkers in a way that preserved the relationship while also solving the issue.

How to talk about your weaknesses

Be wary of discussing perfectionism. Do you like working with perfectionists? (This will depend on the type of work.)

Generally, a question about weaknesses will not be an opportunity to score a lot of points with the interviewer.

Simply acknowledging a weakness and how you’re improving it should be fine.

Don’t be someone you’re not

When you’re asked a question, showcase examples from previous rules. Use language like “When I was in this situation…I did this.”

Remember to illustrate unique value.

Most companies aren’t hiring for someone who can simply do their job. This won’t make you stand out.

Ask questions

When it is your turn to ask questions, show that you’ve done your research.

A simple question might be: How is success measured in this role?

You might also ask about the company’s strategy based on your research.

What about culture? Asking about this shows you’re interested in the team and how life will look and feel. It shows you’re considering yourself in the role and trying to imagine how that would feel.

Say thank you (with a letter)

Within 24 hours of the interview, write a personalized letter or email to show appreciation and to make yourself memorable.

If you built relatedness, showed confidence and didn’t come across as desperate (you’re a scarce person!), then you have a great chance of making the interviewer interested in speaking with you further and giving you high marks on the interview.

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